thoughts from lightining-ducks and chili chokers vs. free air conditioners


couple things from last nite

1. first 2 periods..the forecheck was close to "cup year" forechecking...relentless...pounding the d men..causing turnovers was so beautiful to watch..a tear ran down my eye..slithered all the way past my galdbladder removal area wound..past my "happy trail" straight to was magical...

2. the new lines i thought were pretty good except calder even being on the ice..i like nickolodean and artoo were they were...artoo just needs to not take penalties but i love the fact he likes to punish people....mazaros was his bitch all nite i loved it...calder constantly was pushed of the puck and is slow as fuck..couldnt play any d..i saw him try to check someone and totally bounced off the guy and took himself out of the play...the calder experiment needs to end..hopefully with carter and koivu coming back it will

3. the new guy sharp could turn into somthing..he didnt play much but i liked what i saw

4. mikkalsson is my new bromance...little time for him too but he makes smart plays and skates well and has some size..he can at least get ot the level of huskins and be a good 5 or 6 d man..maybe aspire to be 3 or 4..(the sharks fans would disagree with the huskins comment..he was solid for too bad for u)

5. boyton was real solid..aside from scotty and his greatness(the overtime goal scorer king) boyton was making plays all over the place...and has that edge we all love...i cant have a bromance with him becuase hes ugly and im a one mikalsson still is my guy...but boyton was solid....problem is...drum roll please!!!!

6. fuckin cotton gin ryan whitney!!!..that asshole is so soft and stupid...the first goal cotton gin was cotton gin..with the help of brrokbank mountain..he left the front of the net..a no-no since broobank was behind the net futiliy chasing the lighting player..(getting beat) so whitney then made the most pussy of attemps to stop the pass intended for the area where he was suppose to be...goal...alhers i think it was said somthing weve heard continually.."whitney gets bumped off the play"....that should be tattoed on penis....guy sucks...and cant even do what hes supposed to be good at. doing anything consturctive on the pp....what sux is were stuck with this guy..probally for awhile..lets hope some of these youngsters pass this guy up the depth chart..already hes on the second pairing..heres hoping he goes to the 3rd pairing someday


7. overall great win but as earl mentioned on the gameday we set ourselves up for letdown on saturday...but owell..ill be drunk so it will be worse..cuz ill be more emotional when we get spanked..fuuuuuuuuuck


as far as "chili chokers vs. free air conditioners" argument..let me explain for our female readers...guys should know what im talking a man..(IM A MAN...I BUILT BUILDINGS MADE OF STEEL AND BRAUN)...u get choices on what u protect your family jewels...chili chokers are those white tiny fruit of the loom briefs...that strangle your johnson unless u get 2 sizes too big then they just fall off...i have to imagine for the ladies they are comical and amusing when they have to see them..and as a guy u have to feel stupid and younger..(my mom made me wear those)..i think they cut off to much circulation and should not be worn.....(we can all debate) the free air conditioners (boxers) arent all that great either as they let too much in...and most importantly they wrap around your leg and somtimes give u a self-murf..(im not explaining that..we all went to high school u asses should know) the solution?...the boxer-briefs...the great combo that came out a couple years ago...i wear those...give u enough room for sparky to breath...but still not as shifty as the air conditioners....why am i telling u this..i dunno why not..that is all for sure i will get some disagreements and jokes...but i like that


oh and go ducks I hope to see and meet as many of u as possible this saturday!!! come up and say hi...youll know its me..ill be the only brown skinned man there...ill be wearing a aerosmith shirt..disclaimer i think aerosmith is cheesy..that fuckin armmadeggon song in particular....i do like "dream on" and "jaynes got a gun" as a musican thats a creative song even though its cheesy..but no im wearing it cuz it was only 6 bucks and it matches my ducks head think im a lame-o but at least ill match and look styling....actually a nice shirt

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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