thoughts on ducks-kings part 1


she sums up about how Im feeling right now....shes also super hot..i wanna hit that shiiiiiit!!

Earl said it best when he said weve seen this script/movie/play/porno/barmitzvah before...ducks get scored on early....roar back to tie..then in heartbreaking fashion get scored on late in the 3rd to common courtesy of a reach around of making it to the OT to lose i mentioned to earl yea this is the same script but losing to these buttfucks makes it finding out your girlfriend is cheating on you with your brother...Does it matter with whom she was cheating on you? well yea if your like the dead ringers movie where the identical twins share women in the beginging and u got that arrangement...hey..great for you...but it also mean u might operate on your own brother and kill him later in the movie..ok i know no one watched that should its sick and demented..a spade type movie..did i mention they were also both gynagoligists(however u spell that)?.....anyways

couple things I liked/disliked:


1. corey perry..yay...goal/point/running of another goalie...I need to come up with a name for when he does too lazy though to think of it now plus I got a little bit of a hangover

2. doughty...oh shit were only suppose to like our players

3. um thats it



1.steve fuckin eminger needs to get off the fuckin ice...cant we sign chris chelios or someother wash up...bring back festerling or trade for it too much to ask for a semi competent 6th D-man...?..once again he led to a goal and other several close calls...(fuck chelios i was just kidding he was the first wash-up i could think of i still dont forgive him for his detriot days against us..the teemu-kariya years)...taking the puck from him is just way too fuckin easy..i screamed in a red wine rage everytime i saw him on the ice fuuuuuck....bad enough we have to live with whitney and his contract and poor play..we got no choice there boy mikkelson wasnt too great either...but hes better than eminger...and should be the 6th d man..he had a below average nite (prompt me to change my sig)

3.someone mentioned in the comments...about whitney...yea he scored a goal i stil hate him..i dont remember anything stupdi from him yesterday so ill give him this one pass...expect somthing stupid next game

4. I even need to explain?

5. not knowing if jiggy would have made a difference...but RC was true to his I mentioned yesterday it might be good for goalie morale...bad for fan morale

6. cant say enough about how much I hate the del taco go bold thing..I dont care how much I like getting chili cheese fries topped with those fried jalepenos they now have

7. not having the ducks ice girls in my living room cheerin the ducks on with me..then afterward they start kissing..and then.................%*()*)@*))())!@.......I stick in while the other....&^!#$&*(!&...she gets on top and starts.....*(&@*(&#(*@....then say...Leon the ladys man style..."um that was nice...uh...time for you girls to get going"

Anyways Ill continue to watch my ducks and not look at standings and pretend things will get better...a steelers blogger said it best after they also lost a heartbreaker...sports is entertainment...and fuck i was entertained for the most part.....and hey my lakers are kicking ass..i got that...peace



do the sharks ever fuckin lose....arrrrrrrg


red wine is so yummy in my tummy


i second earls new nickname for artoo....argggghtykhn

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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