First round Predictions

Here are my predictions, with reasoning. Knowing my history of predictions it will either be dead on or the complete opposite what really happens.


Western Conference:

#1 San Jose vs. #8 Anaheim.
I am extremely excited for this series, and my personal happiness greatly depends on it. I am a college student in San Jose, but have been a ducks fan since '93. If the Ducks win this I can give people [expletive deleted] all [expletive deleted]ing summer. If the Sharks win, I'm [expletive deleted]ed. This will most likely be a tough series. The Sharks won the season series 4-2, but three of those wins came in Anaheim. Prediction: Ducks in 7, I am verbally abused, and seek counseling.

#2 Detroit vs. #7 Columbus.
Detroit is 3-2-1 against Columbus this season (I think, going off memory here), but the Blue Jackets always play Detroit well. Detroit has the playoff experience, but the Blue Jackets are red hot. I hope the "n00bs" can beat Detroit though, because if they don't and Detroit doesn't play Chris Pronger the the wings get another cup. Prediction: Columbus in 6, Bettman starts cutting himself.

#3 Vancouver vs. #6 St. Louis.
Holy balls. Goalie duel. Luongo and the rest of the Canucks are consistently good but Mason and the Blues are on fire. I'd like to see Luongo do well though so I'm pulling for the Canucks. Prediction: Vancouver in 5, insert moderately amusing quip here.

#4 Chicago vs. #5 Calgary.
Chicago has lots of young talent and is in an absolute uproar for the playoffs, and Calgary is in Canada. Prediction: This one is too hard to call accurately, so I'll flip a coin: Mr. Washington says Jokinen wins his first playoff series, also, I cry everytime Pahlsson hits the Ice.

Eastern Conference:

#1 Boston Bruins vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens.
God I can't stand the Canadiens or their fans. Prediction: Boston in 5, Dropkick Murphys sales go up.

#2 Washington Capitals vs. #7 New York Rangers.
Ovechkin is in dire need of a playoff series win. Washington leads the season series 3-0-1. Prediction: Capitals in 5, Avery does something stupid and gets a new rule created or is suspended or pays for sex.

#3 New Jersey Devils vs. #6 Carolina Hurricanes.
Of course there is a lot of pressure on Marty to do well, after all he is the winningest goalie in NHL history. But Carolina has missed the playoffs both seasons after their cup win and are also under pressure to do well, and are red hot. Prediction: I was going to say the Devils but the Scorpions just came on and I began air-guitaring. 'Canes in 6.

#4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #5 Philadelphia Flyers
OMG Crosby is teh sex0rz!!!!1!!one! Prediction: Flyers in 6. Bettman steps down as NHL commissioner, money falls from the sky, and Crosby still looks 15.

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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