WARNING: Concern Troll Post!! Read at your Peril!! Pic to Prove!!


the caption under this pic was "Norwegian troll" what the fuck?



95% percent of you reading this (i.e. those who didnt attend a preseason game or don't have great imagaination that can visualize a game by hearing radio) really dont have any fuckin clue how are ducks really are gonna look come saturday...(also i wont know saturday either as Ill be in pittsburgh cheering on my 1-2 fuckin choking steelers)

so just by reading box scores of ducks preseason frightened like having to drop my pants in front of a hot chic after getting out of a cold pool..

from what ive read...weve been giving up goals like my sister gives out handjobs..and thats scary...we are scoring a lot hence the 5-3 record...but damn what a new era of ducks hockey ehhh?

i was hoping our goaltending would make up the difference so to speak..but i think minus the asshole-clearing puck defensemen (frankie-and captian elbows) is gonna haunt us...i assume this is the problem..not seeing any live action..which means IMO and we can debate this...we need a semi-wanna be...scruffy D man on each line..i.e. boyton should be one line..and Whiz on another...Sleeks idea of Scotty babysitting Sbisa or Mikkalson i dont think will work...

the D lines should look like this...for some semit-sucess:



Brookbank(only other puck clearnin guy i could think of..maybe)-Sbisa

the 3rd pairing isnt written in stone for me..if emiger gets it so be it or mikkalson...brookbank is the 5th defensmen is the key

Sleek could be right about the 2nd line..from what im reading RC is pairing Lupul-Koivu-Selanne..that also might be leading to goals against...and it did..i forgot what game too lazy to look up...but RC even mentioned it

How RC fixes that problem I have no clue...cuz Lupul dropped to the 3rd line would be strange maybe somthing like this:






all in all..after thinking my steelers were gonna roll out 3-0 im skeptical of all my teams now..i got a bad feeling...and starting against the sharks doesnt help..someone help me from the ledge...and tell me the defense is playing possum...and is gonna surprise us all..also tell me that dancing with the stars will be cancelled some day..and that scarlett johansson will let me touch her boob..tell me these things so i may enjoy my time in pittsburgh and not worry about my duckos..


i heard its gonna be raining in pittsburgh...thanx god..i finally get some money to forfill my dream and see a steeler game in person in pittsburgh and you decide to symbolically pee all over me...thanx again

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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