Just when you think your ahead someone steps on your nuts

Just when you think your ahead someone steps on your ive mentioned the year started

off poor for me...the ducks were in a freefall..the steelers were elminated..and i had to get an ugly

fucking tattoo on myself...but in the meantime i somehow was saving money...I hadent notced but i

took a look at my account and whola i was ahead.(dont u love that)..i had gotten lucky with comign

in 2nd in fantasy some other bonus type shit...i started feeling favorite band

of all muthafuckin time soundgraden annouces there gettingn back together...yay.then the ducks

rip off 4 in a row....holy shit...yay...i feel like that old grandpa on willy wonkas chocolate factory "i

got a golden ticket"!

I couldnt find the old grampa but u get the picture

so I thought hey maybe things are looking up and the 1st of the year bad luck was just

temporary...i felt like finding some kind of mary poppins soundtrack and listening over and

after practice sunday (which was an excellent one by the way)....i also have the pleasure of going to hooters for our end of the season fantasy football on a super high...i get to collect my

winnings..and get to see some beautiful hooters and tight asses..."ive got a golden ticket"....woohoo..i get off the freeway...i can see hooters across the street already....Im whistling..."i got a gloden ticket" buddies already have arrived waiting for me

and then...craaaaaaaaaash

[Sleek edit: I've added the picture in case the link doesn't work:]


i ram into the back of a truck with a hitch...luckily i do zero damage to his truck...but my truck is fucked up as u can see if u follow the link...bumper screwed with some body damage...of course im in plain veiw of my buddies and our fine waitress to add salt to the wound..the guy was an older dufus...he could have been cool and said...since nothing happend to my truck...i wont be a dick and not call my insurance...but he i gonna get it checked out...(serioulsly not a fuckin scratch)...and then he aasks um...were u on the phone? fuck you...(no i didnt say that..i just said no i wasnt)

so after the accident..i walk into hooters..(and get a hard on of course even in my pissed off state) and the fellas look at me like someone just died..subsequently it was the first time ever i visited a hooters and did not get totally smashed....i did still gawk all day...

oh this is a hockey blog ?section
my only comfort was to get home in time (with my fucked up vehicle) and watch hiller dominate and the ducks forwards...our D still sucks big balls...and we might need to pick up a stay at home d man to at least attempt to clear some people out....gawd we are such a better team healthy

Self promotion section:
I got a show the 23rd in case anyone wants to see me rock my ass off (see flyer)..just dont ask me to drive

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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