Fiddler Paid...Can we start this new year over? Art of Spade-i-cide


Well the Fiddler was Paid on saturday about 10:45 am (I didnt pay actual money the asshole happily gave it to me for text one though was only 20 bucks plus tip)...He reminded me that we did discuss it had to be on the sorry ladies of the Boc I wasnt able to get it on my ass as you all hoped..but maybe ill take an ass pic for shits and giggles later..or ill get "big" on one butt cheek...and sexy on the other" if sexton ever pans out.....he tried to make me pay 200 to not get the tatto..but im a broke bitch plus i pay my bets. I figured its a good reminder not to make bets with a tattoo artist...(typing this i realizes i mispelled tattoo..owell...typical spade) i was able to jew him and get him to agree to put it on my leg


this is a great photo for today since I look so sad and degraded and our ducks laid 2 eggs this weekend...also my steelers got eliminated from playoff contention...hurrah!! great start to the new year?

I guess we blame injuries right?...the lack of playmaking is shining like a new tattoo...our forwards cant keep possesion of the puck for more than 2 seconds...there working hard no doubt and nickelodeon got a little reward for that....but when our best line is the 4th line over 2 games..theres a problem..playing the hawks a team full of talent and playmakers on both the forward and D lines..this was highlighted

Another thing I heard this saturday was Barry troz on the radio Describing the ducks and he mentioned what jumps out is the lack of definition from ducks teams of the past...he knows the ducks as 2 offensive lines with a checking plus the energy...that hasnt been the case for 2 years but still makes the point..we had an identity..

my outlook is grim cuz who knows when well be fully healthy..its hard to believe it will be in time to make up enough ground...its time to find out who wants to be here and who doesnt....and ill still be foolishly watching because i love hockey and my steelers are eliminated and the lakers dont play any meaningful games for awhile....but yes Spade-i-cide..I want to saw off my right leg "Saw" style to slowly kill myself and of course to get rid of this ugly tattoo..


Karlos (the asshole christain rocker tattoo artist) said I gotta wear this for a year..then I can black it out or alter it...Ive heard some suggestions..right now Im going with a red circle with a line thru it...I could also put a steelers logo next to it and commemorate one of the 3 superbowls we palyed against them..suggestions welcome

email me if u need a much of an asshole as he is hes good and reasonably priced...ill hook u with his contact email


Mike Chen Asked there was any sapde wackiness on New years...I was too sloshed to remember much (patron shots aplenty) I did run into a wall pretty was the walls fault for being in my way..I partied witht he King of Ptown and he even got drunk enough to sport my ducks beenie..unfortuntly I didnt snap a pic of it...and he kicked my ass in Nhl 09 all nite....seems the ducks cant even win in video games either


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