Battle of California Fantasy Report: Week 2

If you have this guy on your fantasy team, you had a good week.


Premier Match-up (this will eventually be whichever match-up has the two highest-ranked teams, but for now it'll just be whichever match-up involves me.)

Wiki-Sharks vs. McSorley's Stick

McSorley's Stick wins 7 - 6!

MVP: Jonathan Bernier started one game and let in three goals in a victory. Against an opponent with competent goaltending that wouldn't have been enough, but against me it was all Quisp needed.

LVP: It's so hard to choose. I don't have a very good team.

Why don't we have a minimum number of goalie games played per week in this league? That was my only hope for victory.


Anzeholics Anonymous vs. Kitten Mittens

Anzeholics wins 11 - 3!

MVP: Steve Stamkos had four goals and five assists this week and Rene Bourque had six goals. God damn.

LVP: Antti Niemi. Yeah, I know. It hurts me, too.

Anzeholics Anonymous is a scary team right now.


Sleek and Destroy vs. Quid Pro Clowe

QPC wins 11 - 4!

MVP: Jaroslav Halak, with two wins and one shutout, locked up the goalie categories.

LVP: Simon Gagne had no points and was a minus 2 this week. What a pain in the neck this guy is, am I right?

Quid Pro Clowe is another strong team in the early season. Watch out for this guy.


Teal Blades wins 11 - 2!

MVP: The Big Pavelski or Antero Niittymaki, take your pick.

LVP: Rudy still isn't setting up his team, and it doesn't help that the players he does have starting include Roberto Luongo and Nikita Filatov.

Rudy, Earl, and I all lost this week. I think we have proven once and for all that we are hockey masterminds.


IAmJoe(Pavelski) vs. Setoguchi's Revenge

Setoguchi's Revenge wins 8 - 4!

MVP: Tim Thomas had a strong week, with two wins and a .973 save percentage.

LVP: Marc-Edouard Vlasic is not a good player to have on a fantasy hockey team.

Honestly, Vlasic is probably the very last Shark I would have on my fantasy team. He's a good player but he doesn't do anything that you get points for in our league. Even Demers or Huskins or Wallin would be better.


BROWS vs. spade's little bandito's

7 -7 Tie. Boooooo.

BROWS MVP: Henrik Zetterberg had three goals and three assists.

spade's MVP: Victor Hedman had five assists.

I just realized that spade has a typo in his team name with that final possessive "s."


Fournick Gators vs. Slappyville Freezers

Fournick Gators wins 9 - 4!

MVP: Patrick Sharp with three goals.

LVP: Holy crap, Nicklas Backstrom had no points and was a minus four?

On the other hand, Niklas Backstrom had an excellent week.


2 Live Drew vs. Intaglio

2 Live Drew wins 9 - 4!

MVP: Sidney Crosby continues to do his thing. No, not making that stupid bitch face, I mean the other thing he does.

LVP: Dion Phaneuf is another player that isn't really good in fantasy hockey. This week he had one assist and was a minus five. Ouch.

And Alex Ovechkin was shut out and was a minus three. Bad week for Washington players.


2 Live Drew is currently number 1 in the Smythe Division, while Anzeholics Anonymous is number 1 in the much-tougher Pacific division. It's still very early though, so people who have had a couple of lousy weeks (me, for example) shouldn't despair just yet.

This week I play Rudy, so I'm not going to pester him to set up his team until next week.

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