Impressions - Ducks


thats right ducks keep on pushing...

before I get to my impressions on the ducks I got a couple gripes to bitch about:


1. why do the schedule makers always fuck the ducks every year? we always seem be the team whos played the most games and always a road heavy schedule early..we left disney stop hating us schedule assholes!!!..even though were still streaking!!! yaaaaay!! could see how tired the ducks were last grandma whos got one leg shorter than the other and with bad hips moves faster....the only reason we won was tabasco sauce was good in net and the islanders suck big balls...i think were gonna get killed by fuck you schedule theres no big break in sight till nov 21st thru the 26th...i feel a fatigued losing streak approaching

2. ty conklin....don’t fuck with me like that

3. the ring around the boards clear the zone play never works...the long time it takes gives the opposition too much time and gets intercepted every time (im looking at you fowler)...gorilla head instruct your guys to never do again...ever...ever


ok onto impressions:

1. really nice to see the 2nd line sure were all shocked teemu seems to have improved even over the last couple years...the guy must have trained his arse off this offseason..i thought hed only be a PP specialist...i was wrong...the rat is causing all kinds of havoc with his speed and forechecking..and koivu is the glue..since the top line takes nites off like last nite..there emergence is critical and has been a welcome sight.

2. speaking of the top  turnover line i dont think we can depend on them scoring every nite..and thats probally gonna be our downfall..with the 2nd line going so well there gonna be stuck together...lets hope they can find consistency

3. ive been impressed by vish and lydman of couse like everyone else...lydman is just solid..just a smart dude..and surprisingly contributes on the O end as one has to explain lubos awesomeness...but mara has caught my eye...i mentioned in the comments last nite...guy doesnt force passes..plays physical...Odie 2.0 in my opinion...Im hoping Lilja can get to his comfort level as well..with fowler and sbisa still raw but with potiental..this could grow to a respectable Dfense...the jury is till out with sutton...well cautiously optimistic though all the sudden..still need to cut down on the shots of course.

4. tabasco sauce is a decent backup..hes still young and hopefully hell only get better..i heard he sucked in calgary...well..sorry flames fans..hes decent for us

5. the PP has gone looks like there not making quick decisions with the puck..when they were doing well they were passing quick and shooting...there wasnt hesitation..right now it seems like a game of hot potato..and no one can control the thing id love to the ducks using vish in the scotty rover role...vish got the skills to pull that off...not sure if theyll ever try that..they might not trust fowler be by himself on point...for them to do that they might need lydman back there..speaking of love to see him shoot more or even qb..he seems to have nice vision still refusing to give gorilla head credit..but his throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks caused us some losses but did produce ryan carter..who took over the chipchura role and seems to be better at it..right now the 3rd line is useless..but were on a winning streak...and as he said himself..dont fix what isnt broken...the fact he isnt throwing bodie or whomever in there to mess with things is commendable...i still think luck..and the D jelling a little more and the 2nd line is more to do with us winning than coaching..but i dunno..ok ill cave..u dont have to fuck yourself today caryle ...

any other thoughts?....Go ducks!!




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