Spades Weekend Journal: 12/16-12-19


you like my fancy lamp and bread basket? 

Spades Weekend Journal: 12/16-12-19

I used to do this on my myspace and got a lot of positive was mostly my band show I’ll give it a shot weekend which starts on Thursdays (I work 4-10's)..I’ll keep as brief and hockey related as possible:

12/16 4pm in a van sleeping somewhere in the desert
on my way home from work on the vanpool sleeping..drooling like dog seeing a fresh bitch butt..the ducks about to hit the ice against the Izlandurrrs..

12/16 5pm in a vanpool parking lot somewhere in the desert
I awake to look at phone to see what my best friend Es-pn has to say about the ducks? 3-0 islanders?..I immediately text sleek what the fuck is happening?..I take out a knife and punish myself templar style

12/16 6pm at class somewhere in the desert
only one female in my class? booo..she’s umm just ok..thinking if it were cold enough and I were drunk enough..and she was stupid enough?..wonder if she’s into anal?...oh yea let’s look at the score..3-1 islanders end of think about taking out knife but don’t want to get kicked out of class

12/16 7pm at home somewhere in the desert
watch the ducks come back but lose..this time I grab a whip and whip myself..then laugh about how stupid I am..I watch a movie with some nice cowboy who gets to bone Jessica alba like 20 times...then beats the living shit out of her..for almost no reason...Jessica with her last words..still says I love he also gets with Kate Hudson and does almost the same exact thing..she walks up to him...hey I just wanted to tell you I lo..(baaaam..huge punch to the gut)..I drink heavily and pass out without watching porn

12/17 Friday holiday shopping
I didn’t do much other than finish holiday shopping..I bought Rudy some booger green speed-os...meg a Russian concubine..and earl a chia pet...I think they will love their gifts! also bought a 12 pk of sam adams light at stater bros..$10.99 woohoo!!

12/18 8pm at class somewhere in the desert
more class bs..all I can think about is Boc during class(pathetic)...with the one and only female not present..yet I get home and no ducks post...I whip myself once again

12/18 3pm at home somewhere in the desert
after pestering earl he posts a masterpiece..for the canes game...I start drinking and laughing my ass off..and decide of my earlier idea of wearing no pants is good one..I feel good about the game

12/18 7pm at home somewhere in the desert
the ducks once again lose..baldy doing well but the rest of the team taking a many times will I type that?..I start drinking heavily..and decide damn it..I want to see the ducks win and proceed to play nhl 11 online and lose again..I get pissed and said fuck it and watched a movie...this time "outlander" a movie where an alien..Mr. Jesus caziviel crash lands during the time of the vikings..and helps them slay a monster "he" brought from outer space(why the viking's arent pissed at him for bringing this monster and killing tons of there peoples is beyond me). hellboy sons of anarchy guy being a cool big ole viking..also had a hot ginger viking chic...I enjoyed this one however stupid the storyline was...cuz vikings are cool..and have axes and cool ships..I go to sleep happy and satisfied from my hand


uh yea not very viking lookin

12/19 bloody Sunday at home somewhere in the desert
I’ll be short on this..but the fuckin Steelers cost me a sushi do u lose to the jets?...

so there you have it my shitty weekend compounded on the fact I lost fantasy thanks mostly to my goalies...Price coming back down to earth..and ty conklin remembering he’s ty conklin

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