Ducks: Possible Combinations for 3 Scoring Lines?

I wanted to pose the following question to Battle of California fans.  Assuming that the Ducks are completely healthy (this includes the return of Joffrey Lupul), would it be wise for the Ducks to attempt to have three scoring lines? I know it's been talked about a lot in the early part of the season, and while that experiment failed, the topic has come back up again with the addition of Jason Blake.  What would your possible line combinations be for these lines? Don't worry about adding the fourth liners for this unless you want to include it.

I honestly believe that Lupul would have to be playing for us to have 3 bonafide scoring lines.  Here's my lousy attempt at coaching with the lines in no particular order:

Jason Blake - Ryan Getzlaf - Corey Perry
Bobby Ryan - Saku Koivu - Dan Sexton
Joffrey Lupul - Petteri Nokelainen - Teemu Selanne

I think Blake can do well on the top line.  He seems like he'd be sort of like Chris Kunitz.  Hopefully he can agitate, get in on the forecheck, hit, and go to the front of the net.  That would work well with the top line.

I really liked what the Ryan - Koivu - Sexton line was doing, so I have a hard time breaking them up here, although RC has done it a lot lately.

And seriously, when Selanne was back from his first injury, he was playing really well with Nokelainen.  I think they worked well together.

Some other things to note, on the left side, I think all of these players are pretty much interchangeable because they bring different strengths and playing types to all the lines.  Lupul was on an absolute tear when he was on the top line until he decided to stop feeling his legs - so maybe he should be put there.  We all know that Ryan can play on the top line.  The only question is Blake because we haven't seen him yet; but like I stated previously, I think he'd be like Kunitz on that line and fill in quite nicely.

As far as the right side, I think Selanne and Sexton are interchangeable here although I think Sexton will be hurt the most by being moved away from Koivu.

Personally, I like what I've put together, but what do I really know.  I only know that as long as Todd Marchant isn't centering what we're calling a scoring line, then we're in good shape.  I think that was the biggest mistake at the beginning of the season with the 3 scoring line experiment.

What do you think?

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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