Thoughts from yesterday and some for today

Hey I could have covered up my mask but I love the ducks so much I didnt....go duu...I mean Leafs...or is it Leaves?


 Since Earl is gonna be late on his post today and I only work 5 hrs of the 10 hrs Im suppose to work..I need a post now to the other ducks post is 3 or 4 posts down and peoples short attention span will cause them not to go there to comment anyways

thoughts on yesterday(please add your own in the comments):

- great to see Jiggy get that shutout (and wear the ducks helmet) hiller jiggy stepped up to the "moment" and grabbed it...turned away 30 shots and was the first star...glad he is happy...and he gets to see frenchie in the shower now again yay!!

 -I need to stop critizing the sharks..everytime I do they go prove me wrong..I talked shit about awkward Marleau and what does he do drop a 2-goal performance on the ducks...I talk about how there stupid and will win against the team the ducks are chasing...and what do they do? go and get rolled by the wings...Ive always wanted a sharks tatto I will get one to appease those assholes (i mentioned this before to lazy to go back and link)

 -damn kings won again..fuckers..and we get them hot on thursday wiuth us playing the nite before..fantastic...but maybe well be hot as well...maybe 2 ghost faced hilla shutouts in a row...u have to think hilla notice jiggy trying to one-up him last nite...he wants to prove hes the better goaltender...i dont think to be an ass..just friend competition..ghost faced said they were good friends off the ice...i somehow doubt that...I mean at work..if u knew someguy was gonna eventually take your job...I dont care what kind ball tickle the guy could give...u have to end up dispising that guy

as for today:

 -like i mentioned ghost faced hilla should be motivated as should blake (now #33 not the earl sleek #26) brokenyard mentioned joe dipienta tee-hee...anyways..and blake will also have motivation on thursday because hes a former king wants to show them somthing and of course ill be there and muthafucka better please me bitch!! and ill help motivate him by saying this (from the prophecy):

"I'm SPADE. I kill firstborns while their mamas watch. I turn cities into salt. I even, when I feel like it, rip the souls out from little girls. And from now to kingdom come, the only thing you can count on in your existence is never understanding why."

yea blake try not showing up for that thursday game now!!..i think the last part is the most bad ass part..yea im gonna do all that..and then not tell u why..thats how I roll..thats how I be..ill let u speculate forever...stone cold shit brotha

 -ducks have been good at home ice so i feel pretty decent about todays the wings played yesterday and we always seem to "show up" for the wings..we lit up howard last u gotta feel good..although he might not start

-does anyone know what meat curtians are? I do...but would like your speculation


that is all over and out!!

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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