Spade and the King of Ptown visit the staples center

Howdy folks!!

your nieghborhood spade here with a recap of last nite's excellent adventure...ill write this journal style:


5:15: arrive in pomona at KOP (short for king of ptown) pad. As he mentioned in the comments he had already started with his cheap whiskey and coke...I quickly downed 2 myself and ate some tacos he bought for sweet right


6pm: driving to the staples center...realize we dont have either a cigar cuter or matches for our cigar...fuck...pissed off..blaring "filter" and doing quite well on air drums thank you very much...we also sing the chorus back n times indeed


6:30pm: arrive at the staples center..down some more jack n cokes before we go in..i scratch my nuts...KOP lets loose a snot just kidding...but that would have been i dont want to piss him off..youll find out later why

6:40pm: walking around looking for the budwieser lounge...lots of eye candy...the kings ice girls defintaly are on par with the ducks ones...Ck has a funny name for them..forgot...


6:45pm: find the lounge and are greated by even hotter chics dressed in blue..holy batfuck batman...i fall in love like 10 times...took a pic with one..i might post later..anyways..kick ass little spot..the honda center should copy and have one of these...i know they got that jack daniels bar but you have to a rich club asshole to get into and proballly they dont allow honda attention!!!....only problem with this place way overpriced and they dont have well drinks...the hot chics in blue give u a coupon for 2 dollas of bud light...but it didnt help....bought 2 beers and 2 shots of JD came out to $32 holy testicle titties...i felt like i was being raped without lube...but the eye candy softened the blow...Id go back for sure..i was sad I didnt get to meet any Bocers.....


7:30pm: find our seats and discover im in the all King duck fan behind me and a bunch of smelly king assholes..I felt like clean condom surronded by a bunch of dirty just used douchebags...i know that doesnt make any sense but i think its funny

7:30-10:30: dont remember that much...i know blake scored and the douches around me didnt like that one bit...somewhere in chior practice earls antenna probally shot up telling him the rat scored...then we started sucking and i started whining to sleek buggin him in practice...KOP was talking a lot of shit living it up....I ate some nachos and pretty much gave up...only to look up and notice we tied the scored...WTF?...I had a ring I was wearing and cheered one goal..and subsquently it flew off my hand..(it was a ring that used to fit when i was 70lbs heavier) I never did find it..of course no kings fans assited....I was gonna look for it after everyone left but i forgot....doooh!!


11:00pm: the drive and the KOP started arguing...about what niether of us could tell you...I probally said somthing like your mom is fat and ugly(which is somthing stupid to say to a  sibling)...or koptiar is a fag...I was also pissed the ducks lost we decided we needed to fight...we wanted to renact the parros-inavanans we pulled over to some parking lot and "dropped the gloves"...we started by dancing around..measuring it up.....I channeled my inner parros and pulled way back and threw a punch and al la parros hit nothing but air...then KOP subsequently grabbed me and drove me to the ground MMA style..lucky i had my favorite ducks beanie I only ended up with a bump in my head instead of being scratched up...we did some floor action(fighting gay homo shit)...ended up with some scratches all over....then we got up and said..."hey why are we fighting? what are we fighting about?" some where i also lost my favoirte fucking beanie,,,, buying another we got back into the car and sat there for 5 mins ya know to serve our penalty for fighting...i got 2 min for instegating...dont worry folks were fine...all in good and him gonna have an nhl 09 tournament tommorow...thinking back what a great way to end a hockey game....but beware of the KOP..unless you want to taste asphalt


all in all great game (the parts i can remember...really shitty we missed out on points...

p.s. thanks for niesy saying she missed me...yay!!!...

p.s.s. im rolling to the next ducks-kings game at the staples that budweiser lounge

p.s.s.s. i got a show tommorow with my me if anyone is intrested

p.s.s.s.s. special thanx to KOP for letting me post guys missed out not joining us at the budwieser lounge


The King of Ptown aka MMA figher extrondinare, part time cage fighter....full time ladies man

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