The Break-Up


Lubo and Rudy, in better times.  They were so in love then.  -Ed. 


Her: "Would you love me no matter what?"

Him: "Sure."

Her: "Would you love me if I were ugly?"

Him: "Probably not."

Her: "What?  Why?"

Him: "I probably wouldn't have talked to you at first if you were ugly."

Her: "I would love you if you were ugly."

Him: "No you wouldn't, you would have thought I was weird when I first talked to you at the bar.  I mean, I love you now, but at the beginning all I thought was that I wanted to sleep with you.  Speaking of..."

Her: "Don't fucking touch me."

So you broke down, trying to leave town
I broke down crying on your return
You left me feeling hopeful
I'll never see your face again


Her: "It'll be OK, I'll only be gone for a while.  We can e-mail every day and we can talk every week.  You can even come visit me!"

Him: "I don't think I'll be able to, that's a lot of money."

Her: "Will you at least try?"

Him: "Yeah, I'll try.  We can Skype, too."

Her: "What's Skype?"

Him: "It's like a video thing where you sign up and talk to each other... I don't know how to describe it, but it's cool."

Her: "So I don't need anything, just sign up and we can talk?"

Him: "Yeah.  ...Well, you need a camera."

Her: "Why?"

Him: "...So I can see you.  You need a camera to see people."

Her: "Oh, Right.  ...That was dumb."

Him: "It was cute."

Her: "Shit, I think that's my flight."

Him: "OK.  ...Can you just... not go?"

Her: "You know I have to."

Him: "I know.  I'll miss you."

Her: "I miss you too.  I love you."

Him: "Fag."

Her: "Shut up."


You made for a bad lover's liver
You stole all the covers and busted my head
You made me such an asshole
I wish we'd never met


Her: "What's wrong?"

Him: "Nothing's wrong."

Her: "You're acting weird, something's wrong."

Him: "It's just... I don't know, nevermind."

Her: "No, what is it?"

Him: "It's just that this isn't really working for me anymore."

Her: "...OK.  Why not?"

Him: "I don't know.  I'm glad you're back and everything but things are just... different."

Her: "I don't understand, what did I do?"

Him: "It's nothing you did, it's just that things aren't the same.  I don't like the way I feel when I'm around you.  After you left I just felt-"

Her: "-That's not fair, you know I had no control over that."

Him: "I know, I know, but things are just... different.  I'm just over it."

Her: "I thought you said you'd love me no matter what?"

Him: "I guess I was wrong."


I'm tired of being bored
I'm through with the headaches
Hiding my hands that tremble like earthquakes
Under the table, under the daytime sky
Good Fucking Bye
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