The Los Angeles Kings.

Part 3 of 5 on why I love and hate each team in the Pacific. Coincidentally, I'm in the L.A. area (Palmdale, so not really) for the weekend and passed by Staples Center a few times and I didn't have draft tickets so I just decided to do this instead.

Firstly, why I love the Kings


1. They play a lot of Canadian teams. Screw those guys.


2. Los Angeles kicks ass. You've got hot ass women, awesome bars, and some of the greatest sports teams ever! The Lakers, the Dodgers, The Angels (kinda), the rams, the raiders, the chargers, okay, enough about the lack of a pro football team, We've still got the USC Trojans who didn't cheat right? And the Clippers! Fuck yeah! All right, maybe it isn't the greatest sports city in the world, but there's still a large, passionate fan base who only sometimes speak English, really care about their teams.


3. Gretzky. You can't really hate this guy, even if you play in net like I do. Dude was an amazing talent and I was lucky enough to see him play a couple times when I was but a wee little laddie.


4. Wearing shorts and flip flops to games. Damn I love California...


Err... On second thought...



5. I, unfortunately, live in San Jose, so I have to attend Sharks games to get my hockey fix. Usually I end up getting tickets for when the Kings are in town. I don't know why, but it always works out that way. Last season I went to four games, three of them involving the Kings. Naturally, I can't root for the Sharks right? I mean, I just throw on my Dodgers hat and start drinking and BAM, instant (temporary) Kings fan.



Secondly, why I hate the Kings.




Yeah, it's fucking real.

2.  Sean Avery. For some reason I have an autographed picture of him. I don't know why, but I got it the same night I ended up lost in compton for 3 hours, only to escape and find my way into Watts. But that's a tale for another time. This guy is a douche. Imagine if Pronger and Ott had babies. Then imagine if those babies bred with the offspring of Chad Ochocinco and a Vuvuzela. Now add garlic. Ta-da Sean Avery. I know he's not on the team anymore, but I'm willing to bet one of the showers in the locker room still smell like his herpes.

3. This commercial.


4.  Anze Kopitar looks like a raccoon.


And Getzlaf is better



5. Because They're the Duck's rival (despite what Shark's fan may say). That what rival teams do, hate each other. It adds to the fun of the game when you truly hate the opposing team, it gives you that final, intangible aspect that make s a game truly special and..... OH GOD VUVUZELA ATTACK


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