What Bobby wanted to say!!


Dude I wish you werent playing hurt all last year!!






This is an article/interview that some kings blogger had with our own bobby ryan…Im not happy with his answers

and think he was being nice in a kings bored so I did this...oh i think the fact eddie murphay said he was a goat herder in coming to america is extremly funny



They say that retail is in the details. And while it might not have the same ring to it, hockey is in the numbers gooch.

Take number nine for example, it's one of the most famous digits in hockey. Gordie Howe wore it. So did Rocket Richard and Bobby Hull.  More recently, Mike Modano was an asshole and built a Hall of Fame career in shitty Dallas as #9 and now further cemented his doom to be buttfucked by devil in hell by joining the red wings.

According to Marcel Dionne, he always hated he had to play in LA and he almost wore it here in LA.  If original Kings' owner Jack Kent Cooke had gotten his way he would have invented the ducks franchise so he could be a winner and, there'd be a different number hanging in the rafters at Staples Center right now.

Across town in the OC they have won a Stanley cup, and the original Mighty Duck - Paul Kariya - wore it back when he called The Pond home and the ducks took the devils to 7 games something the kings couldn’t do to montreal.

These days, Bobby Ryan wears it in Anaheim and it gives him a hard on...and if everything works out as planned and it fuckin better, he'll continue to wear it there for many years to come.  For now, he's working on some other numbers, as in contract numbers. The team and his agent continue to discuss terms - number nine reportedly wants a three year deal, versus the team's preference of five years - with nothing agreed upon just yet. Just that hell never go to the kings

In a move that caught some people by surprise though, Ryan recently attended the launch party for Dustin Brown's new DLO-23 line through Combat Sports.  Even for an event held in Anaheim, seeing a Ducks player out supporting the Kings' captain was a bit curious stupid at first.  In reality, he was there as a fellow member of the Team USA hockey program.  The two "hit it off" during the Olympics, thus he "didn't hesitate" when Brown invited him to come down.

So, thanks to D-LO, we had the opportunity to catch up with Bobby Ryan and get his take on a few finer points of the Kings-Ducks rivalry...after, of course, first touching on his Team USA experience.

Let's start with the Olympics...excluding Brown, who you're now friends with...who was another guy on the team that you learned something about and came away impressed?

Ryan Suter. He plays in the Western Conference, so we see him with Nashville and feel sorry he has to play there. He's a tough guy to play against and he's a sound guy positionally I wish we had Dman like that. But, you really don't appreciate him until he's on your team playing those big minutes and until he's running a power play. He has an overwhelming sense of calm back there, even in the big situations. I was flabbergasted with him at certain points during the Olympics.I know what your thinking..who uses flabbergasted in a sentence?

Now that you've had a few months to let it all sink in, when you look back at Vancouver - besides the big moments against Canada - what other memories do you take with you from the Olympics?

I think the biggest thing for me was the camaraderie, not just between the guys that played hockey though.  It was the whole USA organization in general, the way that we got to meet other athletes and bond with them through the village.  To get a chance to spend time with them and get to know them was incredible. You'd find yourself cheering for events you never thought you'd watch but I could never bring myself to cheer for curling…never fuckin ever. It was nice to go in there and come out with the most medals fuck you canada.

You've played in Vancouver before with the Ducks, so the city wasn't new to you.  However, the Olympic experience made things different.  What surprised you the most while you were there?

The acceptance from the Canadian fans. You get a chance on your off days to spend time with your family and get around. You're wearing the U.S. gear and your family is obviously wearing it from head to toe. I found that even after we beat Canada the first time around that fans didn't come up to us to give us a hard time or say "We'll get you next time," they were supportive almost. They said what a great game it was and that they were rooting for us, just not if we played them again like all those kings fans that jumped on the sharks badwagon . It was surprising just like ryan whitney’s inclusion on the team and that I even let him pose with me for a picture. But it's something I'll never forget because I dont know if we'd get that in a lot of other countries.

Anaheim sent eight players to the Olympics.  However, the team struggled once the NHL season resumed and ultimately didnt make the playoffs.  How would you recap what happened over the the full 82 game season?

I think the biggest thing that defined us last year was inconsistency or just plain shitty defense. Obviously we faced injuries, as every team does. We lost Joffrey Lupul, which was a big thing for the year. And Teemu going down for 10 games here and there although I love him and FUCKIN GLAD HES BACK!!. We never really got to ice the line-up that we were hoping for, the one that so many people predicted to be strong.  Then, you add in guys going on hot and cold streaks at different points, getzlaf being hurt all season probally biggest.  We never really meshed as a team in that sense.  So, I dont think it was a prototypical Anaheim season, it was more like a typical kings season.  I think we should have been a playoff team and maybe even made a run at it, and actually finish the job unlike the sharks

It's been said that a real rivalry doesn't exist yet between the Ducks and the Kings because the teams haven't met in the playoffs.  As a player, when you come into Staples Center, do you feel a rivalry or is it really not that much different than when you guys play other teams in the West, like Detroit and San Jose - two teams the Ducks have met in the playoffs?

If you're not amped up to go out on the ice at Staples Center especially after you piss on the nearest king jersey or picture you see, the fans right there behind the bench will get you.  It's a rivalry that does kinda fall by the wayside at times, as maybe it should, when you look at San Jose and the runs they've made the last few years...maybe people are focused on them or maybe the kings have just sucked balls for so many years no body gave a shit.  But, it's for bragging rights when we face off with LA.  It's a tough one for me too because I have so many good friends on the Kings, not just from the Olympics, but from Owen Sound - in Simmonds and Richardson and other guys I've gotten to know, oh and me and simmonds pick up ho’s together its fantastic.  I definitly text those guys after games, whether we win or lose, and say "We'll get you next time." or "We had your number tonight."" Or lets hit up the seventh veil and make it rain!! "

[note:  speaking of numbers, here's a few that always stick 2004-05, Bobby Ryan's NHL draft year, he was outscored by the Kings' Brad Richardson (his then-teammate in Owen Sound)...Richie posted more goals and assists than Ryan...that was just five years ago!]

Regarding Staples being a tough place to play at times, when do you remember it being the most challenging for you personally?

It would be after the (Oscar) Moller hit and who the fuck is named oscar?, with about seven seconds left in that game (January 14th).  At the time I was heated up, so some of the comments didn't register with me.  I just got off the ice.  But, I was aware of it the next time we came there.  We played them again at Staples Center the next month and Doughty got me back that night.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Drew Doughty and Bobby Ryan are two of the brightest young stars for their SoCal hockey teams.  Contract issues aside, they should be leading the charge for their respective franchises for the next decade.

The real question is, who will get the upper hand when it matters most, #8 or #9?

For the Kings-Ducks rivalry to reach a whole new level, an additional number probably needs to be added into the mix.  Seven. 

As in, seven game playoff series.

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