Preseason: Duck vs Nucks; Celebrate!!! Positivity!!!!

Post your comments here?...I mean why not


dude its saturday....and theres hockey!!!....and theres beer, theres the ducks at 2-0 the sharks finn goalies look like what if its just preseason its hockey lets be excited!!


this girl here asia argento could care less about me or hockey but she wants you to enjoy yourself today


grab a beer nerd and listen to the ducks in your brief-boxers

Im betting your curious what does the rest of that tat looks like..and im sorry even if your a lady looking at this..u gotta be turned on


so i did attend the minority* LA county fair last nite and enjoyed these overpriced beverages:

*you knew it was all hispanic with WAR playing



watching some pirates doing death-defying stunts and some metal heads pretending to be pirates doing double bass on some little monkey sized drum kit.. I walked around with my phone buzzing me on the sharks-ducks game...every time i got that little vibrate my jeavos did a dance..and wow was there a lot of a ducks fan though the most important part was getz getting back to form...i think his injuries last year prevented any chance of the playoffs..yea a better defense might have snuck us in..but seriously when perry and getzlaf and doing there magic there long as it isnt calder feeding them...were fucken golden...and its the reason im optomistic this...year...from the looks of it the defense is gonna continue to suck...although we are still missing intresting to see what he brings to the far i think everything is unfolding like we to score..hillers a beast and bad defense..i think it can be overcome..and maybe...just maybe the defense can find some chemistry and learn the system...and maybe if we can stay afloat we can make some sort of push towards the playoffs POSITIVITY!!!




look at this new badass addition to spades refrigerator.....its got some hardcore big ass magnets on the back so obviously u dont rip the opener trying to open a non-domestic beer...its quite cool..i got a tat that looks like that cool huh..thank you fair


so anyways...have a drink everyone today...cuz u can chilax tommorow

go ducks..and go hockey ouuuuuuuuuut!!!

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