Thoughts From Last Night's Game

Jason Blake showing what the Kings did to the Ducks last night. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)


-I still can't decide who deserves to stay up more: Brayden Schenn or Andrei Loktionov.  Loktionov is more offensive and looked comfortable on the power play.  For being how small he is, he's very agile and sneaky along the boards (although he did lose containment on Marchant along the boards on the first goal).  Schenn looked less impressive, although he's very responsible defensively and doesn't look out of place out there, but then he beat the shit out of Luca Sbisa and I kind of want him to play in the NHL.

I think, honestly, that Loktionov probably deserves to play over Schenn right now.  But I think the best thing to do might be to keep Schenn up as a 4th line center with an aim to move him up if he excels in the position.  Send Loki down so he can either come back up if we trade Stoll or train him on wing if Parse or Richardson can't hold up that 2nd line spot.  One of those two need to stay, though, as they're clearly better than Trevor Lewis.  At least for 9 games Schenn can play.


-So, let's see:

  • Corey Perry took a retarded slashing penalty in the first after Dustin Brown bumped him along the boards;
  • Ryan Getzlaf took a stupid charging penalty in the third period;
  • And Bobby Ryan tried to fight Drew Doughty after the game was out of reach

Well done, Anaheim's core.  Good to see they've grown up.  But hey, if I were them and had (respectively) a vagina for a face, male pattern baldness and a lisp, just got buttfucked in front of thousands of people AND were about to miss the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row I'd be mad too.

-Da Da Hey!  Dada dada...

-I was very, very impressed with Jake Muzzin last night.  He didn't look as good in practice but I think he does better with contact.  He was on the ice for 2 goals, but one was on a sloppy change where he was just getting on and the other was a tap-in thanks where Jack Johnson let his man tap it in right in front of the net.

Thomas Hickey played well too, I thought.  He's smaller and he almost died once or twice but even when he looks in trouble, the puck always goes where he wants it to.  Paired with a bigger, tougher guy, I think Hickey will do well this season.

The person who looked the worst on defense, unfortunately, was Davis Drewiske.  It's the same thing it's always been, where Drewiske looks good when he's not being rushed but as soon as someone pressures him he turns into a moron.  He got destroyed for an entire shift by George Parros leading up to the Ducks' first goal; the worst part was when he felt pressure and threw the puck into Thomas Hickey's skates when Hickey had a man bearing down on him from 5 feet away.  It led to a mini-breakaway for the Ducks.  Maybe the best thing might be something like this:





Let Muzzin and Hickey battle to see who stays up when Greene gets back.  I feel bad for Drewiske, and maybe last night was just a really bad night, but he can't play if he's going to play like that.

-*Does a jig

-Michal Handzus is a badass.  That whole line (Ponikarovsky-Handzus-Simmonds) looks like they were all made for each other and they completely fucked the soft Anaheim defense all night.  It was brutal.  I almost felt uncomfortable watching it.  Doesn't mean it didn't give me a boner though!


-Also amazing?  Justin Williams.  Jesus Christ is he fast.  More than fast, he's quick to recognize where he needs to be; he was always the one back when either Johnson or Doughty jumped into the play.  He was talking to Jason Blake before the game and Earl and I were wondering what they were talking about.  Something like this:

Williams: Man, I sure do love being injured.

Blake: Hey, me too!

Williams: Wish I were injured right now.  Maybe I should pull a groin or something.

Blake: You know what you should try?  Cancer.

Williams:  Really?

Blake:  Yeah, man, it's great.  You can sit out for as long as you want, it's pretty awesome.

Williams: Thanks for the tip, maybe I'll give it a shot.

-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (that's not me, that's Earl)


-Sheldon Brookbank is Anaheim's 2nd best defensive guy.  They are completely fucked.


UPDATE:  I'll just leave this right here:

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