The 5 Most Disappointing Dallas Stars errr ducks


see sleek i included the link this time yay!!


anyways...saw this on defending big D and though hey lets have a ducks one...

here was there criteria:

The one constant in hockey (besides Gary Bettman's head swaying back and forth like a bobble-head when he speaks publicly) is expectations.  Every player comes into a new hockey season with a set of expectations on him and most of the time they are higher than maybe they should be - even players like Alex Ovechkin's and Sidney Crosby's abilities are publicly questioned if they even dare go into a scoring slump of more than a few games.  Most of the time these expectations fans, media, coaches and even fellow players alike have are based on things such as new contracts awarded, or a trade that sent away a current favorite player, or a great first season by said player.

Sadly, sometimes players fail to live up to expectations placed upon them - or in some cases only get so far but don't really fulfill all the promise most of us thought they had.  Jonathan Cheechoo who will be in Stars training camp less than two weeks from today is a great example of a player who failed to live up to the hype.  This week's list is inspired by that fact and focuses on five former Dallas Stars who came to the team with all kinds of hopes and promise, but like a Bruins sharks choke job in the playoffs, ended up in nothing but heartbreak and disappointment. 


 i made one edit above...can u find it?



 sergei fedorov


look guys im wearing the cool ducks uniform

no brainer here...guy was suppose to come and kick some ass and many goals he score for us? looking up...o shit 31? wait...didnt he seem like a disapointment?...someone throw me a rope...6 game winners too?....shit im not off to a good start


Vinny Prospal

look guys im wearing the ducks uniform people think is silly

Im more on target here right? i think he scored a shitload for the lightning and only scored 19 goals and was a minus 9 for us...he went crying back to the lightning soon after...too bad vinny u missed getting the cup doooohh!!

p.s. I properly propose that prospal was probally a porpus in his formal life..


Jeff Friesen

look guys im a fuckin asshole

I showed him in a sharks uniform...cuz i get sick to my ballsack he was a ducks player TWICE!!!!TWICE!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH...and i dont have to remind u why i didnt show him in a devils uniform..the ultimate embarressment is to be shown in a sharks uniform so I chose that...14 goals and plus 5..I guess it couldn have been worse..but fuck him anyways...awful jackass

Ryan Whitney 


look guys Im trying to infect bobby ryan with my suckyness

is there even a description needed?....fuck stats...fuck him...fuck purple gorillas...he doesnt derserve any more description

Doug Weight

look guys I lifted the cup with my heart..I had a broken arms or a different uniform though...

Dead weight was suppose to replicate his carolina usefulness and lift the ducks franchise with his heart and penis...well didnt work..

 honarable mention:  German Titov, kip miller,Martin Skoula,Sergei Krivokrasov


trivia time!!! (in a gay "fabulous" tone!!!)

we once employed Antti Niemi!!! dude how cool is that ...wait..Antti Jussi Niemii whoops a defensemen...that Jussi just fucked it all up...I guess Antti Niemi is a common name in Finland? kinda like Jose Perez or Nguyen or Earl Sleek...I remember him being in a a game or two..he was big...and then he was gone

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