Spade's journal 1-9-11: Sharks vs Ducks


call me lil hiller!!

3:30 pm honda center parking lot

Spade and lil spade show up and enter the kids fun zone. They have mini rinks, shooting gallerys jumpers and booth's etc as usual. But whats the first fuckin thing we see? Tons of smelly sharks fans infesting the whole Gawd damn area. Apparently a ton of them came down on bus straight from pits of hell to make this game . Anyways the ponda center opened up so the lemmings scurried inside to see a real arena so me and lil spade enjoyed ourselves playing table hockey, shooting pucks and lil spade doing his best hiller impression

4:00 inside honda center

I had to piss like an old man with bladder issues so I take lil spade into the bathroom and once again I see more Tibarone fans acting the fool. They got a little rubber duckie and placed it in the urinal and were taking pics and giggling like little school girls. Apparently this gag hadn't been done enough. Lil spade asks what are they doing? I said son there retarded and its not polite to stare or point.

4:30  inside honda center

lil spade wants a hot dawg like any little man and I buy him a pretzel dawg and Ice-ee...I had a bite of that preztel dawg damn it was good..I also bought lil spade a kids pack that had a foam logo finger thing, calender- coupons for free shit..the most awesome coupon though was  ticket to a year end party with jonas hiller at knotts berry farm..I cant think of a better person to be doing tha event with the smile that guys got (think hiller in freezer commerical) I m defnitaly taking lil spade to that...spade grabbed himself a sierra nevada and hit our seats. The mongrol sharks fans had takin there seats and impressivly managed to take up 2 whole near where the visiting team came out of the tunnel..and one area int he upper half. They were hooting and hollering and handjobbing each other worshipping false idols like those people moses was with when moses when up the mountain...Lil spade asks what are they doing? I reminded him there retarded and its not polite to stare or point..some sharks fans tried to post somthing on the wall next to us decked out in what I guess was suppose to be duck hunting imediatly told them to take it down..they seemed dejected..and it was pretty much the last time I heard a peep out of them the whole game

5:15 game time in the honda center

the place filled up pretty well and me and meg texted about meeting in the first intermission..the ducks came out strong and the ice tilted towards me and the sharks there was some good 4th line pressure and the ducks D was playing decent....neimi was up to task though and the sharks towards the end turned it on a little.

First intermission

I go down to meet meg with lil spade near the Blue moon concession stand...lemme say that again.. Blue moon concession fuckin awesome!!!..I like the new changes to the honda moon on fuckin tap!!..anyways I met some guy that looks like rudy said, exactly like the futurama guy..he was pretty soft spoken and as I chuckled to him how the hell did "you" live with was short meeting and were comiserated how we both got "rinne-ed"...the preds are a bitch Im starting to hate them..if hiller doesnt make the ASG Rinne should

2nd period

it was like a playoff game and chances on both ends...if you read the sharks recaps on FTF and there newspaper sites it would have you belive the sharks should have won etc and only hiller prevented it..bullshit both sides had chances, near misses and good goaltending etc the ducks could won 4-0 or sharks could have won 2-0 if some of those chances went in..ryan finally broke through and those salty sharks fans would never be heard from again

3rd period

more back n forth ducks and sharks still playing great D not giving up too many turnovers...towards the latter part of the 3rd the sharks starting getting desperate and took some stupid penalties and pretty much derailed any comeback hope..with 5 mins to go Lil spade said 5 mins to victory!!!!...apparently he had no doubt who would win...all i could think about was what those rubber duckie bozos where thinking right now sitting in there seats ...and the ducks ended up winning...and DESERVING to win despite some others say..hiller was the hero but still our D had a decent game...hiller got the first star and as Earl said in the comments was goofy on the mic....I cant wait to (see him @ knotts). I texted Meg "checkmate biatch..hilller!!!" it was a grand day indeed....and all i could think about then was...yea..that must have been a fun ride home back to san jose!!!...doooooooooooh!!!


A view from the sharks  fans bus on there way home with whistling of HILLER in the lonely...soooo lonely

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