Hawks-Ducks 10/25 Recap: Questions and Answers on the Ducks



back to his darth hiller self!...what? toews making a play? stay clear of heywards jizz!

questions pending:

-how to get the 3rd line going again?..alot last nite had to do with special teams play..but cogs not generating speed..mcmuffin again "caldering" another line needs to drop to the 4th...I assume pelly gets another shot after his flu clears..if not him then who?...mace centering perhpas with cogs on wing?

-why the hell isnt bobby ryan one of the three on the shootout?

-when will perry and getzlaf learn new shootout moves? there not working

-why isnt beer free?

-ellis on thursday instead of saturday?..he had a shitty game against his old team last time

-whats wrong with the power play? its like the hottest stripper in a strip joint...looks good put doesnt put out

-why doesnt getzlaf shoot the puck more?

-did maroon pee in the hawks locker room before the game..he was targeted


answers recieved:

-yes sundays yotes game was just a bad game for hiller..he was back to saving our asses against the hawks...those 2 hawk goals were unstoppable

-yes bobby ryan can function well on the 2nd line..kept plays alive, drew penalites...the while line needs to work on D did take a little away from the top line as maroon isnt bobby ryan..still best thing for the hockey club

-the frankie-fowler pairing sucks.....try switching fowler and sbisa

-yes heyward and ahlers also suck toews dick just like the national guys do

-getzlaf will score goals if he shoots the puck

-maroon not afraid to shoot the puck or take it to the net...still needs work on keeping pucks alive..intriguing


also per the oc register:

Carlyle met separately with his defensemen and forwards before taking the United Center ice Tuesday for their morning skate and then the players themselves aired some things out in a closed-door assembly right afterward.

Some of it was watching their mistakes on video. Some of it was just being able to get some things off their chest.

"We just went over that some of the things that’s been transpiring in the last couple of games," Carlyle said. "Some of the things that are things that ail us as a hockey club. We won’t have a chance for success unless we correct them.

Carlye: hey you see that blind pass to the opposing team?..thats fuckin stupid...whew..thanks getz...had to get that off my chest

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