Had this idea in my head for awhile and finally gonna get it off the ground. There have been 19 players who’ve at least played one game for both the ducks and kings(sorry jean sebastion aubin you don’t count).  Where gonna go thru all 19 players and decide if there really a king or a duck. Ignore the fact that some players are more known maybe for another team..cuz who gives a f^&% about other teams besides the teams of socal. I’m gonna argue and give what I remember about the said players time wearing for the ducks uniforms and niesy from "jewels of the crown" will do so for the kings. Please give your thoughts and memories in the comments..So without further adieu:



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Stu Grimson






















Spade: Figure we’d start off with a bang the ole grimster…this one should be a no brainer..he played 4 seasons with the duckos..most importantly the inaugural season! Stu along with Todd Ewen were an early fearsome 4th line that kicked off the ducks birth into the league (although sometimes they would be scratched for each other). Disney made sure to keep everyone entertained because they knew the ducks would be goal starved. Stu kept the casual observers from giving up on the new franchise as he was an ass kicker and crowd pleaser  in his early days.  He left for the octopi in 95’ and came back a different man..more like parros today..winning and losing fights then eventually going to some shitty team up the 5 fwy..but hes a duck and not king because of he was instrumental in the ducks birth and because I met him and he was super cool..and he not a king because he was there only one season..and that’s because the kings wanted to be us so they signed him!

Niesy:Stu Grimson is anything but a Duck.

This is a man fitted by God for the holy purpose of scaring people to death.  He towered over his opponents at 6'5", his fists hammered like pistons, and his very name struck fear into the hearts of his foes.  (Dickens couldn't come up with a better one for an enforcer if he tried.)  Then you had to go and slap that monstrosity of a green and eggplant outfit on him.  "Oh no, here comes the Grim Reaper...Mighty Duck!" Unbelievable.  He didn't reach his full potential until he left your team, probably because he was relieved to recover his dignity.

Is it any wonder that he set a career high of 235 penalty minutes in his glorious season as a Los Angeles King, 2000-01, which he calls one of his "most enjoyable years" in the NHL?  Andy Murray gave him a lot of responsibility, he loved his teammates, and together they knocked the Red Wings out of the playoffs.  He was a great fit for that group.  More importantly, he got a uniform that fit the badass he was.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you that he is best remembered as a King.  He may have served more time with the Ducks, which is a testament to his saintly endurance, but now he has suffered enough.  Putting a cartoon on that man was a crime against hockey.  Let us blot it from our memories.

Let Stu be remembered as a fearsome warrior.  Let the Grim Reaper wear black.

P.S. Do you know he's a lawyer now?  He helped me write my closing argument.  Still badass!


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