Devils 2 (Or 3?)- Sharks 1: A recap of sorts for you guys

If you want actual content about the game tonight, i'd suggest checking out FTF or In Lou We Trust for a recap (John's got a pretty in depth one up). I'm just here to write a recap of tonight's game (and because Spade wanted me to write a fanpost here). Luckily for Spade (and every Ducks/Kings fan), he gets to see me mock the Sharks (somewhat, I won't be too mean ;) ), and sadly for the Sharks fans I get to mock them.

First Period

- I spent about 2 minutes complaining about a Feed. I find one and it turns out to be a feed to the Islanders-Penguins game. I eventually find one and it's about 5 minutes into the game. From the comments in the ILWT gamethread and Twitter, the Devils are reverting to "John MacLame Mode".

- About 7 minutes in, the Devils start making a ton of turnovers. The amount pictured below is small compared to the amount the Devils made in the 1st period.



- Well, at least the Devils stopped making turnovers by the dozen and trying to run all the local bakeries out of business now.

- The Sharks have gotten a ton of shots on Johan "Moose" Hedberg. It's almost like it's open season in the Prudential center with all the shots being fired at him tonight.

- As a Devils fan who hasn't seen many Sharks games (I was piss drunk the last time the two teams played, and if it wasn't for the fact that 1) I was with my friends and they're all Leafs fans (I live in Southern Ontario, and better Leafs fans than Red Wings fans) 2) they were watching something stupid like Poker or Jersey Shore (when FUTURAMA was on nonetheless) I probably would've lost my voice screaming obscenities at John MacLame.), I was wondering what in the flying fuck Ben Eager was doing with Joe Thornton.

- All the lackadaisical play from the Devils made me start to wonder whether the Devils are tired or they're tripping on Magic Mushrooms.

- The First Period ends (Mercifully). I look over at the scoresheet and see that the Islanders are up 4-0 against the Penguins. I take a moment to laugh at them before realizing that the Devils are getting owned right now.

- The First Intermission Message:


 It's called Don't drink or take drugs, and the message is Don't Drink or take Drugs (the part about drinking should be ignored though) via

Second Period

- The Devils manage to get a shot on net. It's like reliving the MacLame era all over again.

- Still wondering what Ben Eager is doing beside Joe Thornton. I saw Major Awkward and Dany Heatley with Pavelski, still wondering what the hell Joe Thornton did to deserve that fate.


- Also noted: Ryane Clowe and Logan Couture with Fatso. Otherwise known as two of the guys I might have expected with Thornton. If that line was together, they might have scored a goal on Johan Hedberg.

- Johan Hedberg, who's had problems handling the puck, has managed to not do that. I wonder why...



- Brian Rolston gets the first penalty of the game for trying to do a pick and roll. Too bad it's not basketball and that's illegal. Speaking of Rolston...



- Doesn't he look like Ari Gold in his NHL profile picture? Might explain why he's been such a terrible hockey player over the last few seasons, he's been too busy managing Vinny Chase.

- The Second Intermission Message


The Message of this Picture- Don't Join a Gang. That's also the title. via

3rd Period

- Devils kill off penalty. I'm expecting someone to score, and still wondering how the Devils haven't gotten one past Niemi yet.

- Randy Logan Couture dekes Colin White out of his jockstrap. But he couldn't convert there, even with Clowe crashing the net

- Sharks open the scoring courtesy of Major Awkward. And Boy, was that an awkward celebration. Mainly because Marleau's tan made him think that someone in the stands might punch him mistaking him for a guido. However, it's only the basketball shaped women that get punched.

- A few seconds later, Henrik Tallinder takes a penalty. I predicted a collapse here, and boy was I wrong

- Joe Thornton hooks Patrik Elias and kills the penalty

- During the 4 on 4, Logan Couture tries and stops a shot attempt from Anssi Salmela, not knowing that it probably would've missed. Devils get a 4 on 3 PP.

- Ari Gold scores on the ensuing 4 on 3 to knot it up. Somewhere, JS Giguere feels bad for Niemi as he too has been a victim of Rolston's wicked slapper.

- Suddenly, the 17K fans in attendance wake up and start chanting.

- Kyle Wellwood seems distracted tonight, he kept looking up at the press box where Lou Lamoriello sits. I guess he was expecting Jelly to be thrown at some point.

- Logan Couture is amazing.

- Off the Faceoff, it goes to Ilya Kovalchuk, and he scores on Vesa Niemi (that's his name, right?).

- Fun fact: I referred to Kovalchuk as Kovaltron in the previous game, after scoring the OT winner against James "Optimus Reim" Reimer (similar to Optimus Prime's nemesis Megatron) . Somehow, the name has stuck. Now, to get Mark Fayne's nickname "Max Fayne" to stick...

- Also, Ilya Kovalchuk will teach all of you a lesson in love. He doesn't have Sexlexia.

- 4 minutes left, and the Sharks are down a goal. They're probably going to suddenly shoot more.

- Mitchell takes a penalty with less than 3 minutes left. Dainius Zubrus is bleeding, Sharks now down a man when they need him the most.

- Eventually Niemi leaves the net. Patrik Elias attempts to go for the longshot empty net goal, but it doesn't get there in time (even though it was basically on the goal line before the time ran out), and he gets robbed of a goal. Devils win anyways.

Bonus Recap: Of the last time these two teams met in October (Where the Sharks handed the Devils their Ass)

Fuck John MacLame. That is all.

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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