Before we get to odie let's get some rats and roaches outta da way

Jason Blake aka the Rat! or El Raton!!!

220px-jason_blake_2011_medium  8467844_medium

  Jason Blake   gp g a pts pim
ducks     81 17 20 37 45
kings     82 7 21 28 36

A no brainer here...although starting with the kings...he was cast off King Island (probably cuz he had cancer...what evil king assholes!!..Ok I have no proof of that) only to give the kings the middle finger and score a ton of goals for the isles and once scoring 40 goals for the isles (fuck you kings)...that’s duck material right there...Toronto overpaid for him and jeered him. We got him of course in a deal that sent jiggy to Toronto he's had his ups and downs here with the ducks..But always worked his ass off..Even when got thrown in Carlyle’s rat house..He’s found chemistry on a steady 2nd line this year for the ducks..(not everyone appreciates the rat as I do, I won’t say names...but rhymes with Marthur) he's a duck..Let’s move on



Tomas sandstrom

Tomassandsatrom_display_image_medium  Sandstrom_medium_medium

  Tomas Sandstrom   gp g a pts pim
ducks     135 24 25 49 106
kings     235 117 137 254 320

 ok no-brainer number 2 he's a king..I mean look at those numbers?...he averaged a goal every other game as a king?..thats fuckin unreal...I remembered him fondly as a duck...tough as nails



Lonnie Loach


  Lonnie Loach   gp g a pts pim
ducks     3 0 0 0 2
kings     50 10 13 23 27

MUAHAHAHA I had to get him out of the way...a king all the way...but here's somthing funny about this guy..the ducks and kings are the only 2 teams he played in NHL games he was mostly in the minors most of his career...I do remember him cuz of his name....Loach coach!!...(I had a friend named Lonnie..a decent drummer)



 Sean odonnell

 96341288_display_image_medium Odonnell2_medium


  Sean O'Donnell   gp g a pts pim
ducks     182 5 24 29 202
kings     541 15 83 98 940

and now the man of the hour...he can find him surfing the beaches of southern can also find him being a master chef


or getting married in breathtaking fashion


sporting fashionable beards and sports jackets


but most of all...and why no explanation is required for why he's a duck....this:


thats check and mate...

Ill update if any kings fan wants to offer a re-buttal....I said butt...tee-hee

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