DUCK OR KING? PART 5(Final): lubomir visnovsky

    Before we get to everyone's favorite interview...lets finish off the final king/ducks:

George Parros

6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a690847b970c-500wi_medium  Parros_stache_medium

which one is the real pic?

  George Parros   gp g a pts pim
ducks     298 14 10 24 693
kings     55 2 3 5 138


Duck or King:

a no-brainer here...the stache has become more a symbol and icon rather than a competent hockey player/fighter for can buy his stache gear in the team store..and he does a bunch of charity work..the only thing I remember from his time in LA besides "not" sporting a stache most of the time was him destroying Kevin Sawyer of the ducks ending his career I believe, perhaps he was a better fighter for the kings but he got to rub his stache on the cup for the ducks..emotional leader I’m sure this guy bleeds orange and black..and I’m sure he's been growing a duck bill that he has to saw off like hellboy and his horns...I can care less you do nothing on the ice for the ducks (except that 2 goal game I swear I jizzed in my pants that game)George..we love ya...we salute you...


Sean pronger

Article_21217_1_medium 326645_medium

  Sean Pronger   gp g a pts pim
ducks     108 12 23 35 56
kings     13 0 1 1 4

Duck or King:

Oh yes the kings had the pronger blood in there lineup once..oh yes..he didnt do much for either team,,I guess he's ours since he played in more games and his brother won us a cup...meh...Sean = Tito Jackson


Andreas Lilja



Insert caption here

  Andreas Lilja   gp g a pts pim
ducks     51 1 6 7 26
kings     45 1 7 8 40

Duck or King:

ok some minor controversy here...who claims him? I would say the kings since he got his start with them..and the fact teemu undressed him in that crucial playoff game against the wings that one year...he’s been serviceable for us this year..but he’s a king..I always thought he was Finnish for some reason..


Oleg Tverdovsky

  650258_display_image_medium 73026410_medium

  Oleg Tverdovsky   gp g a pts pim
ducks     324 45 125 170 142
kings     26 0 4 4 10


Duck or King:

This guy has 2 stanely cup rings...I mean seriously!! serious...Im not joking..taking the gerber/john salley route he got some free hardware with carolina and the devils...he spent a lot more time with the duckos...who called him "Double O" Oleg Orr?...oh not quite..right?...the ducks fondest memory of him though was we traded him to the yotes for the greatest duck enjoy your jewlery Double O


Dustin Penner

Astros_angels_baseball_400_medium  Gyi0063820268_medium

  Dustin Penner   gp g a pts pim
ducks     32 19 50 69 22
kings     7 2 4 6 0


Duck or King:

 A late entry thanx to the asshole oilers fucking us again...I...I Im still bitter hes a king...and I dont really want to comment..lucky for him hes got his stanely cup ring as he wont be getting another anytime soon


and now the man of the fuckin hour!

  Lubomir Visnovsky   gp g a pts pim
ducks     84 19 50 69 22
kings     499 70 209 279 214


This me with woman...I go for sexy times




you no resist eyes get sexy time with hand

Lubo write for you hmmmmmmmmm


Thank you very much fans and let’s go for the next game together!

Duck or King:

Rudy's take:

Lubo is a King because... fuck, do I have to say it? He was drafted as a 24 year-old and immediately made the team, setting a rookie high among defensemen his first season. He was our best defenseman for 3 seasons and led the team in scoring the year after the lockout. He was a shining light in our years of darkness and one of the greatest Kings ever.

Plus, there's that story of one time when Andy Murray went up to Lubo in the dying seconds of a game with the Kings down by 1. Murray had diagrammed a play for Lubo and then tried to give him a pep talk. He told Lubo how important he was, how it was all on him, and how Murray knew he could do it. Lubo looked at him and said, "Hi."

Also, there's this
And while we're at it, Niedermayer's not a Duck either. Stop trying to steal other people's players, assholes! What are you, the Miami Heat?

(By the by, Spade's e-mail has "fresh tendrils" in the name. I don't know what that means but it's creepy as fuck.)

Spade's Take:

Lubo is a duck is because he looks better in a ducks uniform..I think the colors really offset his dreamy blue eyes...oh and also becuase with the ducks even though he had a better year with the kings in 06 he had 50 penalty mins that year...only 20 this year with us and being mentioned for the he's more behaved, disciplined..therefore happier...and remember the kings casted him in his heart he's a hence he's a duck


Please leave your favorite Lubo Real and fake quotes in the comments!

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