UPDATED: Second look at the Preds-Ducks series


my kinda first look...yup carpets match the drapes..wait you dont trim!! 

Oh my gawd it will be a long couple of days till wednesday for us ducks fans...that co-worker who passes the buck and never takes responsibility will be even be more annoying than usual...your dawg will seem to need more attention than mom will call like a telemarketer.....spelling nazi** critiuqes will be like acid on your balls..only daydreaming will be your comfort and of course this blog during work hours..Im pretty jacked myself...although feeling like Im operating on one testicle...

that's because we drew fuckin nashville....wait let me correct that we drew shea weber, ryan suter and pekke fucking rinne....honestly its us against that trio hands down. Our ability to crack there rock hard* armor will be the key....I am encourage by the fact we were able to post 4 goals on that trio albeit in a game nashville might have feel asleep on as they were up on us bigtime early...question is if ellis or emry is net for that game do we win it? guess the preds dont relax and give up as many goals..but still..perhaps the ducks found a chink(racist sorry chen and earl) in the armor...or just found the gear/style that will be successful for this series


Im not sure how the ducks will try to start to attack..nashville wants to score off turnovers in the nuetral zone..using there speed to counter attack..the dmen I think really need to stay home as much as possible...Im grateful brrokbank has rounded into form as the 6th dman...even though he's not the most fleet footed guy..hes more likely to keep up with nashville forwards than lilja and sutton..//I believe the ducks will be hesiitant early on...try not to get burn..if thats the right stragedy instead of pressing them hard early and trying to make them come from behind Idunno

the ducks PP I think will be Key more than anything..especially against this team

but yea..I think against any other team in the playoffs you could just play your game..but against this team because of the trio you have to adjust...and I hope the ducks I have to adjust till waiting till wednesday...which might mean throwing a certain co-worker or spelling nazi who looks like a futurama guy over my 2nd floor mezzanine I work on!


Im gonna try to finagle going to the game on friday...if i cant want to watch it somewhere..any suggestions?

with no one offering up there house for me to come watch sniffle sniffle...I got out of the dinosaur age and got HD tv finally and will be watching from the friendly confines of the spade-cave...anyone can join me in bumfuck egypt iif they can brave the drive///tonite or friday your welcome ....just bring beer and a sunny disposition

 Here were the line rushed according to the OC register...intresting 3rd line no?...the fact that winchester is not on it satisfies me to no end and I'm willing to try this el nino has always been responsible defensivly if nothing else..I still would have preferred secton over el nino...but beggars will not be choosers...I also would have took ruutu energy, forechecking and PK ability over the nothing that winchester provides..but maybe this isnt the final line combos...still if it is I can live with it

Bobby Ryan-Ryan Getzlaf-Corey Perry

Jason Blake-Saku Koivu-Teemu Selanne

Matt Beleskey-Nick Bonino-Brandon McMillan

Brad Winchester-Todd Marchant-George Parros

Jarkko Ruutu-Kyle Chipchura-Dan Sexton

p.s.s. yea the jeff miller article was stupid but get over nashville geez


*Rudy just got a hard on

**Meg is gayer

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