Thoughts for Game 4 against the Preds...Diving-angry Teemu?


Look Shea Weber Diving!


As Im sure ducks fans are aware good ole Barstool Bob went on a little tirade about the preds diving...apart from the blatent smithson phantom highstick from the beer winch...who knows about the other calls..and of course on the forecheck followed up with a tirade/whine of there own with charts and pictures to re-butt murray...blah blah...if anything barstool either a)maybe makes whomever refs the next game watch the preds more closely, b)makes the preds players more nervous about embelleshment or c) the opposite and the preds try to get away with more as a fuck you to murray..assuming they are i said Im not sure and dont care...I worry more about our boys..but the point is murray is taking the attention away from his players and pissing off all of nashville..which is fine with me

I dont think the players are in snyc with murray at all..they all know they got to play better and teemu of all people ripped them a new asshole from what we heard


 not shocking i couldnt find an angry pic of teemu this is as close as I got...

 to be a fly on that wall would have been somthing and Im sure in the comments you can speculate what he said

Perry did mention he used some naughty words..Id like to think he said

you guys all fuckin suck and you can't count on me to bail out you fuckin fucks all the time!!!..then glared at everyone and walked out slowly...but who knows right?

looking at the stats for game 2 and 3 the stats u see some trends  

  game 2  
  preds ducks
shots 34 27
PP 2 for 6 1 for 4
PIM 12 14
faceoffs 28 29
hits 23 24
blocked 7 7
  game 3  
  preds ducks
shots 37 16
PP 1 or 5 1 for 2
PIM 11 17
faceoffs 27 24
hits 40 31
blocked 18 18

at need and can be broken...the 2 glaring problems are shots and penalty minutes as the ducks are matching the preds at everything else for the most part..IMO you cut down on taking penalties and the shot count will improve...with the constant PKing breaking the always seemed like when the ducks got some forechecking going a penalty just killed it..looking at the penalties that are being called against the ducks theres some correctable ones there

first off although douchy heyward called it hence everyone will believe the opposite..I do think getzlaf's fight effected the team in a positive way as it lit a fire under teemu and did what he did...still I dont think youll see getz do that again ....even as dumb as he is..he knows he cant be off the ice for 5 mins.

high sticking? hard to fix that one usually...

but 2 roughing calls by marchant and sbisa (who seems to be unpopular with the refs,,prejudice against italians born in switzerland like Tommy D) are primary calls that can be avoided...and in this series the refs seem to have a hard on for boarding calls...resisting the temptations to plaster tootoo to the boards has to be avoided...another goodfellas reference...pauly told henry "Just don't do it"!!

and lets not get into that late hooking call..oh gawd...koivu...your beat to the puck..let the asshole go and live to fight another shift..that one was brutal cuz the preds player cleanly took the puck away and the hook could not have helped in any was all frustration by koivu, the type of penalty that can be easily avoided

still Im optomistic in that nashville isnt really dominating and aside from maybe game 1 Rinne hasnt been a that big of factor...its more ducks stupidity...and when both teams play "smartly" I guess you can say..I think the ducks still have the they can control the game with there can say they need to tighten up on the D end..but the ducks are what they are on the D end..which is average..I dont think they can improve much there..but we know they can on the offensive side..and they will in a combo with elminating the avoidable penalties..and its the reason I think we can still win this series...that and everyone doesnt want to piss off angry teemu...(earl teemunator pic needs to be added)

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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