the Good the Bad and the Duckly: Game 4 Ducks-Preds Recap


I think Van Cleef wins the staring contest!


I wasnt drunk for this game so I was a little more aware than usual..I thought I'd try a short spade recap with one of my favorite western's in mind


The Good

You see in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.

-6 different ducks contributed scoring with my 2 favorite being bacon mcmuffins undressing of a dman and Rinne...Perrys soft floater on the PK was equally awesome

-Cam Fowler, hes now plus 3 with 4 points..and playing lights can notice him making plays on the ice

-on the 4 min PP the ducks didnt get discouraged after hiting 2 posts...finally converting near the end of it

-Shea Weber, that guy is as good as advertised..have to give him props

-Ducks played all 3 periods never seemed to stop attacking, now thats awesome

-All the references to diving in the comments..I laughed my ass off everytime

-Teemu Selanne now leads all players with five playoff goals. 10 more years! 10 more years!

-38 shots by the ducks


The Bad

Who the hell is that? One bastard goes in, another one comes out.

-Nashvile fans booing when a call went there way and the fact most of them probally like country music..fuck them

-Vishnosky still hasnt really gotten going...guys like fowler has picked up the slack, but we need him to produce

-the Getzlaf hook..another lazy penalty like koivus at the end of last game

-the call on ruutuu I thought was shitty...the ducks responded by letting them score

-Shane Obrien's Diving finger gesture

The Duckily

Hijo de una gran puta! "Son of a great big bitch!"

-Pekke Rinne, he admitted the perry goal was fugly after the game...yikes 6 goals allowed?

-Smithson, another dive...I dont subscribe to the whole diving thing..but he's the one guy who legitimatley does..what a fuckin douchebag

-The ducks PK..they gave up 2 goals and didnt look good on the others..with the only bright spot being the corey perry shorthander*, they really need some appears there covering the points to avoid the weber blast (you can see the ducks doing all they can block any passes getting to weber its fascinating)but are letting the preds create way too much down low

-2 words: ANDY SUTTON

*I oringinally mispelled and wrote sharthander..i should have left it...that pretty gross sharting on your hand...tell your buddy "hey smell this" 

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