Ducks have 'plan B' if Selanne doesn't return

 aww i love this pic...heal leg damn you!!

 this is rushed cuz im suppose to be working btw

according to BAwwwb...he has a magical plan B in case teemu doesnt here:
Ducks have 'plan B' if Selanne doesn't return

IMO 3 things are gonna happen with our beloved Teemu.

A) best case scenario he heals properly and comes back in time for training camp...the boc ducks fan throw a toga party...underwear optional and we all eat hot dawgs and jell-o...teemu goes on to have a modest year

B)teemu isn't ready for the start of the season but comes back mid-season....we still have jell-o but shun the hot dawgs....

C)teemu's knee doesnt heal...and surpa or whatever his wife's name is ...tells him to quit and he says forget it im done..and retires


well then barstool Bob will have to activate plan B as he says he has....thats if if B or C happens....let us speculate shall we?

he could:

A) target some unrestricted free agent?...lets look over some of those names shall we?...Dick Axelsson..oooohhh...a porno fun lol..Michal Barinka!! ohh a mortal kombat character!!!  Mike Brodeur...hey maybe the last name pedigree..will um...yea...Kris Chucko...he can be team clown!!!...I think you see where im going with this

B) ok target a restriced free agent how bout Michael Caruso!!!

well spade, looks the fowl..ducked out!! yaaaaaayyy!!..dunn dun dunn

Gord Baldwin..oh not another baldwin brother!!! aaaaaaaahhhhhh

Steve Bernier...yea cuz he was so good with the sharks

Mario Bliznak...whats funnier...that his first name is mario (true story my first name was suppose to be mario to keep all my siblings names to start with M)...or Bliznak....lilke bizatch...

Troy Bodie...hahahahahaha

 Brady Calla...we never calla you

ryan-callahan..he really still out there?....well we might be getting somewhere..

Justin Falk...what the falk?

Johan Fransson...wooo all right?..oh hes not the good one

Josh up da club with some hennessy

Dustin Kohn...ducks fans can re-use there kohn heads...remember ?

Zach Parise...ohhhh?


C)a me this is the most likely scenario, he's probally has around 2 or 3 teams hes in contact with and maybe has some type of loose framework for a trade...we know the oilers are always one of the teams lol...who would we give up is a mystery of we dont have many assets besides our big 3 and not sure if any of our lower prospects pumps anyones nads or not either...but fuck it ill throw a name out there...LUBO?...could be a final missing piece for a team trying to win it all.? not sure how and what would move..but my gut tells me this is wear plan B lies..thoughts?

D) from within...I cant believe this is Plan B by any stretch of the imagination...but lets play along...lines could be like this



mcmuffin-cogiliano-devante-pelly/palmeri/(insert other promising prospect here)

bell-parros-(insert someone i completely forgot about here)

I got a feeling mcmuffin will get a try on the top line also....ryan would have to be seperated from the big 2 i think if selanne retires...of course well have a losing streak and 3-year man gorilla head will panic and put them together again and really thin the scoring out

looking at those potiental lines above though just lets you know theres no way Plan B is the D what do u guys think happens then?...what could plan B be?

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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