Spades "Jerk" reaction from VAN-ANA game from last nite

 yea boc did have trouble re-loading...i didnt see that everyone was commenting on the game...thought it was a queit im re-covering some comments already made...but hey i got suck my heres my jerk off reactions from watching the game last nite...big thank you the angel on my shoulder Grace for the link so I could watch the game



-looks like "MACE"....Macenauer will be my mancrush this year...guy hustles his ass off..was what 6 for 7 on face offs...awesome on the PK...had a getzlafish turnover..but overall awesome and will be fun to root way he doesnt make this team..will be a great bottom six guy..has a little speed too




Im just waiting for both sbisaorama and camorama to be on the ice on the same time and spin at the same time..and really throw off the defense.....uh-oh cam looking confident..2nd most ice time...1st star..I heard nieds was in attendance..he must wet his pants when cam came in low and scored



 um nooooo


yea like he tried last year mcmuffin just doesnt seem to fit on that 2nd line...koivu almost made one of his "going kamakazie to the middle of the offensive zone even knowing your gonna get drilled" plays and scored..the offense seemed to stall when the second line was out there...and I blame mcmuffin...he didnt seem to know where he was suppose to be or what to far this preseason hes been underwhelming..I hope he didnt regress...i still hold out hope




another thunderous hit on some canuck... him and Cogs (really cogs?) lead with 3 hits on the nite....I thought the D combos were least until 4 eyes comes back...I could still use some better break out passes from everyone not named Lubo..still the play of the 2 future stallwarths is encouraging and even the bottom pairing was a +1..which is amazing cuz brookbank is on it.



 Darth Hiller?


according to adam brady when hiller made some saves the honda center played the darth vader song...hopefully SKeleven can confirm this...if so...thats a whole lot of awesome...and im so for that...lets hope they start making some sort of hiller vader doll available in the gift shop....he looked good again and cant be faulted for either going off camorama's skate and the other through a high traffic screen..i thought he didnt move side to side as quickly as were used to love anyone else's thought but still he seems to inspires our boys..and he looks confident out there..great news!!



 commisioner gordon!


I didnt really notice you out there except on the pk..i keep thinking you were maroon...




wicked shot Bobby...all 3 on the top line are capable of those wicked wristers...especially getzlaf...this one was through a Dmans legs...Gorilla heads orders has to be...any of u 3 in that position...I order you to shoot shoot shoot!!...the top line still not clicking all the way..playing a little too much on the perimeter...but I think theyll be fine....I also notice only ryan has the speed or will to back check on that line..that pisses me off


other little tidbits:

-the 4th line showed promise but I thought mcgratton like mcmuffin interrupted what good the other 2 linemates had going on...the stache would have done better methinks

-look at this headline Ducks spoil Luongo's preseason debut we seem to have fun with Louie dont we?

-the 3rd line is a work in progress...cogs drew 2 calls..50% on faceoffs...i still think it should be cogs, mcmuffin, gordon...i think pelly needs more "crunch" time..if they keep him up...maybe him, gordon and maroon rotate in and out of the lineup depending on whos playing better...i think belesky is gonna get shot there too...still cogs has that 3rd line center spot down..

-i got drunk on wine..i feel a little woozy this morning

-6-0 kings?...meh...assholes...i hope we unleash Deslauriers on them on friday

-applebees has half off appetizers after i think 8pm...i had a lady bring me some..they were awesome

-GO glad to have hockey back!!! wooooooooooooo!!!!

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