Sleektooning up other blogs' logos

So I may have sort of picked up a late-summer cartooning project deep in the underbelly of SBN blogger e-mails.  An unnamed blogger was re-designing their site's blog logo and asking for constructive criticism, and in a fit of September energy I ended up drawing an alternative design.  I really can't say more or post it here -- don't know if I'd be spoiling any surprise or anything, but I may have severely altered that blogger's logo plans -- stay tuned!

But then some more hockey bloggers chimed in with some requests, and while they weren't all serious, I did mess around and produced a couple more designs -- it may just be the start of a late summer cartoon series!  (Or, more probably, it'll start strongly then fizzle out for several months then possibly resurrect next summer.)  Ooh, the possibilities!

For starters, here's what I threw together for J.P. at Japers' Rink -- now I don't really like the team name "Capitals" as a cartoonist, but fortunately they've adopted the eagle as a mascot -- that's not too different from a duck.  Just start with the beak and work your way outward from there.  I updated this one to reflect modern times:


Also in the request pile was the Tampa Bay Lightning blog Raw Charge.  The concept of lightning is good-and-bad as a cartoonist.  I mean, it's easy to draw as a background item, but it's kind of tough to make it the central image of a cartoon.  Where do you put the face?  Where to you put the head?  Fortunately, the Bolts also have themselves an iconic goal-scorer with distinct enough features to capture recognizably.


Alexander Ovechkin and Steven Stamkos are both locked up long-term, so these mock logos should theoretically last for several years.  And, just like all my cartoons, they're freely stealable -- enjoy!

Anyways, those are the two I'm posting today, but I've also got a Mile High Hockey and a St. Louis Blues request in the inbox -- anybody else want to suggest a blog for a logo re-design, and maybe an idea for it, too?  (I'll warn you -- if it's not about hockey, I've never been to your site.)  They don't have to be serious -- I'm not really aiming that they become real logos or anything. 

Or I'll probably just do them as they occur to me, the ol' Sleek method.  :)

[11:30 am EDIT -- I couldn't resist; I drew one more.  Make the jump to find out which blog!]

When it comes to cartooning the Canucks, there's really two paths to pursue, as a "Canuck" in itself isn't anything drawable -- you've got to choose between an orca and a lumberjack (or I guess you could do something twin-based or Luongo-based -- hmm).  I've always personally opted for the orca route -- it's not that different from drawing a shark -- and today's no exception.  I like this logo design because it incorporates nicely the name of the blog, both in text and in spirit.  Here you go, Nucks Misconduct:


Never forget.  :)

Go Network.

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