Go Las Vegas Wranglers!

Wrangle me some goals partner!

I tried to do this days ago on my kindle and well it was like slamming the toilet seat on your I waited till lunch time at work...

So I went to my first wranglers game friday nite at the orleans arena..they play in the same leauge as the ontario Reign etc...

first off the logo is pretty cool as you can see above unless your blind..a jason mask with a cowboy woooooo...yeeehaaa *whip crack sound*

for 20 bux i got decent must have been kid nite...cuz the arean was full of noisy smelly brats....i mean only my kids arent brats cuz i lay down the law...wrangler style...yee ha...*whip crack sound*

now the video player introductions are stupid...the players wear an actual jason mask with cowboy hat and proceed to take them off...cheesy..but so is a castle jumper and wild goes with the territory i guess

the game starts...and pretty entertaining...a wrangler upends and cause an idaho steelhead euro player to almost cartwheel in the air...yee ha...*whip crack sound*

then the wranglers went ducks style and didnt show up for the first period...3-0 steelheads...was a couple fights and our best player im told Huxley gets to brawl with someone..then in corey perry style an other player from the steelheads gets him from behind in a choke move...he only gets 2 min for roughing for that?...i thought thats an automitic 10 misconduct?...Huxley is interviewed right a clueless reporter whi has the deer in the headlights look on camera...huxley in perry fashion tells him it was a pussy move and "hell get his"...

1st intermission..those snot nose kids sing horrible and the then the 2nd period starts

we get back one..but they get 2 i think..i dont remember shit...pretty sure it was 5-1 in the 3rd...I notice the automatic icing...not bad...seems like it speeds up the game

2nd intermission...its "chuck a puck"...and with what seemed a million pucks..not one person got it close..yee ha...*whip crack sound*

3rd period...huxley gets his man...but cant fight worth shit..also non of the wranglers won any of there fights..damn we have a "Shark" like team..that sux...with a change of goalie and urgency the wranglers try to come back but...nope...6-3 the final I think IDK

still it was hockey and cheap...and hey what live hockey have u watched latley? huh...

some quick vegas thoughts

1. if your a cowboy go to the south point casino

2. its hard not to drink everyday here

3. its hard not to get fat everyday here

4. yee ha...*whip crack sound*

5. that gungham korean bitch will be here dec 29th at cesars palace.turns out he hates america

6. chics are horney here

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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