Fun with penalties pt.1

I hope to do a 2 part series on this…as I got another idea on the penalty subject..well see how it comes out…looking up penalties…I found some of these rare penalties…my commentary in italic

Carries a major penalty

-well I sure hope so...I assume this more common in Ethiopian leagues where the players are just hungry

Butt-ending (or Stabbing)
Jabbing an opponent with the end of the shaft of the stick. It carries an automatic major penalty and sometimes a game misconduct.

-nothing better than an end to a butt i always say….Rudy does a lot of Butt-ending im guessing...I guess this is different from spearing...I do see this penalty on occasion and Im sure it hurts...

Delivering a check below the knees of an opponent. If injury results, a major penalty and a game misconduct will result.

-clipping also refers to bandwagon clipper fans...where the fuck where u the year before?

Carries a major penalty and often a match penalty.

--didnt moen do this to someone?....oh shit u remember when steven segal in under siege totally did that to tommy lee jones? and me were the same have faith...I DONT!!!! (climatic fight scene with eye gouge)

Hitting an opponent with the head. A match penalty is called for doing so.

--ya know I favor the sideways head butt as opposed to the straight head forward one

/> />

Kicking an opponent with the skate or skate blade. Kicking carries a match penalty if done with intent to injure, but otherwise carries a major penalty and a game misconduct. (Under Hockey Canada rules, kicking or attempting to kick an opponent always carries a Match Penalty regardless of intent.)

--no ducks players have ever attempted this one

Leaving the Penalty Bench
A penalized player who leaves the penalty bench before his penalty has expired, whether play is in progress or not, shall incur an additional minor penalty after serving his unexpired penalty. Any player who, having entered the penalty bench, leaves the penalty bench prior to the expiration of his penalty for the purpose of challenging an official’s ruling, shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty. He shall also be automatically suspended for the next three (3) regular League and/or playoff games of his Club.

--what really?

when a player comes from behind another player and attempts to yank opponents stick, usually in outward motion. Carries a major penalty and often a match penalty.

-they never let hockey players have any fun

Starting the wrong lineup
This very rare bench minor penalty is called when the offending team fails to put the starting lineup on the ice at the beginning of each period, the exception being injuries. For this penalty to be called, the captain of the non-offending team must bring this breach of the rules to the referee's attention immediately at the first stoppage of play. Also the penalty may be given if a player is not put on the scoresheet at the beginning of the game and plays. The only way for this to be called is if the official scorer notifies the referee of this oversight.

--how dare you!

Participating in the play beyond the center red line (goalkeeper)
A rare penalty, carries a minor penalty and is only assessed against the goalie.

--so your telling me hiller cant join a PP for wicked devastating one timer?...Ill have to try this rule out on goalie mode tonite

lastley big thank you to ievans...who came thru like a champ and sent me my awesome oakland seals whiskey glasss...he also sent me a spade butt plug....he really touched my heart..i added to my collection...the tiki man is named "Joe"...and the skeleton bandito doesnt have a name taking opinions on that..i dunno skeleto villa or something?

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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