New nicknames for new ducks and thoughts on first 2 games

I kinda started this and then found out I had shit for new nicknames for the new ducks but bored at worked..and did it I'm open to new nicknames...Earl is good with them...before we get to that crap though lets talk about the early season ducks so far...

heres some facts:

-were 2-0

-scoring goals like hot cakes or hot sausages or hot meaaaat

-our PP is pretty fuckin good...making getzlaf play the point where he cant pass backwards is genius...great movement

-our PK is the yang to the PP really bad because

-despite the fact Murray told us we got big bodies to clear the crease..NO ONE IF FUCKIN CLEARING THE CREASE instead all there doing is fucking screening there own goaltender! leading to bout 90% of the goals scored against the ducks

-someone forgot to tell Bobby Ryan the season started


- Winnik_medium


-fowler beast in offensive zone...liability in defensive..he should change when the puck goes the other him scotty!

-smith pelly and winnik just work there asses off..koivu too...

ok on to my shitty list:

Bryan Allen

possible nickname: Bryan Allen Poe!

looks like: the next prince of england or some earl or duke

Peter Holland

possible nickname: Peter mullholland drive or whiskey pete

looks like: shit IDK white people look all the same to me..maybe angel from the x-men movies and look his neck is like andy mcdonalds

Kyle Palmieri

possible nickname: palm-hairy

looks like: ross from friends?

Daniel Winnik

possible nickname: in it to winnik or Rocket richard beast

looks like: a bro-tacular guy to tap a keg with

Brad Staubitz

possible nickname: Brad Hobbitiz Idk didnt try to hard Kirby doesnt like enforcers anyways (thats not him, that's the guy described below..but who wants to look at brad staubitz anyways)

looks like: that dude from wrath of the titans and zero dark thirty

Jordan Hendry

possible nickname: Jordan Oh henry!

looks like: not michael jordan

Sami Vatanen

possible nickname: Sami not Phalsson vatanen

looks like: he wants to fuck you up. no? hes got a lot of acne too

Viktor Fasth

possible nickname: Too Fasth

looks like: Saku Koivu with hair?

Sheldon Souray

possible nickname: Sheldon Hooray

looks like: he gets alot more tail then all the bloggers and commentors combined

<a class='sbn-auto-link' href=

Rickard Rakell

possible nickname: Dickard Rakelli

looks like: too nice a boy for me to say anything bad..

Go fucking ducks...50/50 chance I go to the opening game at honda center....fix the defense please

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