Mayor Spade: thought's on first 2 weeks of the season for the ducks

My new job is extremely time consuming so i don't have much time as I used this will be rushed and shitty..but i need to talk ducks hockey

after the fuckin horror that was the opening game of the season for the ducks....the ducks have finally started playing hockey..well 5 on 5 anyways..and you know what Im fucking excited..and I just cant hide...and i dunno i might just lose control and I think I like it so much I might run for mayor of awesomeville...and I will have busty cops and sharknados and IPA beer on all corners of my town....yea mother fucker...I bet you want to know how to sign up for residency there right?


yea crime..youre so paying...soooo paying


sami if his play hasnt give you a hard on yet...then you have no dick...and that's ok...cuz im sure u can still live a productive life...but not in awesomeville..fuck no get out freak
hes got the making of a young lubo..though hes not afraid to hit a slang for african american...


snarl bitch

even hampus is looking pretty damn snazzy


they force feed him ground up kings players...probally that asain goaltender

I mean how shitty do you have to feel if your Cam sitting there -2..while Hampus and Sami are doing what we had hoped Cam would do for all these years..I still have faith in Cam but its fading fast

lovejoy has been a solid #5....good...big jaw...weird name..but cuu

and well the forwards?...perrault..or whatever..has been an awesome pickup...same with silvferberg...but hey fuck murray barstool up the butt blah blah....

I love the waves of fwds the ducks send when there on there the world war Z commercial where all those zombies are bum rushing...ive never seen the movie....(stupid Pitt stupid hair with a wife hed never be with in real life and too many zombie apocalypse mas NO MAS!)


oh gawd

The power play? yea cant have everything...UNLESS YOUR IN AWESOMEVILLE

the ducks wont sustain...and im told our corsi numbers are good IDK i heard that somewhere..but damn if there exciting to watch....

A Ball/boob grab to all ducks fans I hope your enjoying the season as much as I am...and I plan to go out and watch a game with yall soon...I swear

leave your thoughts


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