Ducks Gameday: Pun Run

"Why would he subject us to this" -BB - USA TODAY Sports

Buckle in, it's pun time.

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Hello Battle of Californians,

My name's Chris Kober, you may recognize me as the new Managing Editor of Anaheim Calling. Stop by if you have any interest in the Ducks. What you might not know about me is, despite being a mere blogger, I have some pretty sweet contacts throughout the NHL. Here are a few quick anecdotes I've picked up along the years.

One time I had a meeting with a San Jose Shark defenseman, and he left me waiting for two hours. I kept checking the time, but then I remembered that a watched pot never Boyles.

The other day, I was talking to the backup goalie in Vancouver. I had to keep reassuring him that he belongs in the NHL. He's a really great guy, but sometimes I just think he suffers from a Lack of confidence.

Once I went to Finland to visit a couple of hockey playing brothers that I know. When I got to the hotel, they asked me if I wanted a room that overlooks the Baltic Sea or their pond of Japanese goldfish. Of course I chose the room with the Koivu. (Koi View, Yeah? No? OK...)

A couple weeks ago, I went to a Rangers game at the newly renovated MSG. It was really nice, but when I went to the Men's room I thought I was in Carolina because it was all Staals. (That one's partially true)

A few years back I went up to Manchester, New Hampshire in the fall to visit an old friend who was a Kings' prospect. We had a great time checking out the Toffoli-age. (Shamelessly stolen from Daryl Evans on MvsW the other day)

Brian Burke was doing some renovations on his house, and he borrowed a vehicle from me to go pick up supplies from Home Depot. Apparently he really enjoyed driving it, because now every time I talk to him the first thing he asks is "How's that truculent me?" (also stolen from Jeff Marek)

Since this is a hockey blog, allegedly, I should probably put some kind of hockey content into this post. I assume Mike Smith will be the starter for Phoenix tonight, but don't worry their backup won't Greiss about it.

Ok, I'll stop. This post is off the rails and one more pun might just Tippett over the edge.

Well, that was totally f***ing pointless, but hopefully it Getzlafs. At least it didn't take too long, I wrote it pretty Quick and I'm sure you got through it Fasth enough. (those are too easy, what is it about goalies and pun names?)

Stick tap to Andy Zaltzman, King of the Pun Run on The Bugle podcast for the inspiration. I know all of you BOC-ers are way more creative and funnier than I am, so please contribute your best puns (or even better, your worst ones) in the comments and Go Ducks!

P.S. If you click on that last link, I'm sorry and you're welcome.

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