Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Rock Bottom

California's greatest rock


I've done a lot of MS Paint work since I have started blogging for Battle of California. When in doubt I tend to use it to cover for a post where there really isn't any coherent though put into it, or if it's only like two hundred words. Some of it has been pretty good.



Other times, well, it hasn't been so good.



The vast, vast majority of it is Dwight King related. Group shots, murder scenes, etc. It's all been done with Dwight. And he has my sincerest thanks. However, things have gotten out of hand. I have never read The Hunger Games or seen the movies. I've actually never seen Jennifer Lawrence besides on commercials. I hear she is a terrible actress, because she won an Academy Award. Then one Mr. Megalodon Humpty Dumpty Q. Pennyfeathers put out a picture. I wasn't quite sure what it was. It was apparently a kid's face as a rock or something and the kid made cakes. I'm not quite sure how he wound up looking like a boulder, or how a cake decorator has that ability, but you know kids these days. Reading about wizards, and vampires, and bakers that turn into landscape. I don't know, take it up with Meg. Naturally, being the disgusting and disturbed individual that I am, I did what I do best. MS Painted in Dwight King. Now, I'm not a religious man, but this is something akin to the antichrist.


I hope you enjoy not sleeping. There just reaches a point where everything you thought was good, and you loved, is just swallowed away. In this case, swallowed by Dwight King Rock who's jaw probably unhinges like Deadhand from the Ocarina of Time. So rejoice, kids. Dwight King is alive and well. And likely coming for you and your skin.

The Kings finally lost for the first time in a while. Of course this came in a game they thoroughly dominated the Devils and still managed a point at least. It was frustrating, obviously. Am I concerned? Not at all. If your team is absolutely controlling the game and putting on loads of pressure regularly, they're going to win a lot more than they lose. As evidenced by the Kings' latest run. 6-0-2? Wah wah wah. I can live with how they are playing currently.

One team that isn't as fortunate is the Colorado Avalanche who have scuffled a bit (by Western Conference standards) going 4-4 lately. Their fancy stats seemed to indicate their incredible winning percentage to start the season was likely not going to last forever, but I think just about anyone could have told you that. Now they get to deal with the fun fact Semyon Varlamov has a court date coming up for third-degree assault. The NHL is cool with acting like nothing is going on, so it doesn't effect the Avalanche's roster, but the extra press that your goaltender beats up women doesn't tend to mean ponies and rainbows for your atmosphere.

Prediction: Trevor Lewis finally scores. The Kings lose 4-1. Lewis goes -3.

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