Sharks Gameday: 2013 Ruled!

Hell yeah! - Christian Petersen

2013 was great for both the Sharks and the world.

Man, Jer is such a downer. He won't shut up about how bad 2013 was, but I totally don't agree. 2013 was awesome!

Here are just a few of the many, many reasons:

Hockey came back!

2012 saw us suffering through a terrible lockout that threatened to cost us an entire season of hockey, but then 2013 started and everything got better, forever!

Sidney Crosby got hit in the face with a puck and Islanders fans cheered

Hahaha this was great.

Battle of California's best year ever

I'm not exactly sure what it was, but something about 2013 just made BoC better than it ever had been before. 2013 saw the site producing many of its finest articles ever, including gems like this and this and this and this and this and this!

Great work, team.

The Harlem Shake

Man, that thing was hilarious! I hope it comes back.

We found out why Jason Demers has the nickname "Daddy"

And no one ever wondered about it ever again.


This is the year that the Affordable Care Act really started kicking in, and though there were plenty of bumps along the road, it's quickly becoming clear that it's actually going to work, and it's actually going to stay as the law of the land for good - and that's a wonderful thing. Good work, United States Government except the Republicans!

Rob Ford!

lol Canada

Tomas Hertl had the greatest game ever

His four-goal night was the definition of fun and excitement for everyone that isn't a New York Ranger.


If you don't like Batkid then just go fuck yourself.

Gay Rights

2013 was a hell of a year for the gays. That's nice. They were due for a good year for a change.

The new Pope isn't a total piece of shit

In a stunning reversal of church tradition, Pope Francis has turned out to not be a tremendously hateful douchebag.

The Sharks swept the Canucks in the playoffs

God, remember that? That was so awesome.

Margaret Thatcher died

I don't really know enough about England or whatever the hell it's called to comment on this, but cool people seemed to be happy that this lady died.

Breaking Bad didn't screw up its finale

I'm sad it's gone, but Breaking Bad avoided ruining its legacy with an awful ending, unlike some shows I could mention.

The Sharks got new uniforms and they are cool


Key and Peele did more funny football names

No year in which a video like this is released can be a bad year. So seriously Jer, stop being such a god damn mope all the time.

Prediction: Fuck Dustin Brown.

Video Gamery: My 44th-favorite video game is Max Payne. The only way 2013 could have been better would be if that game had come out this year!

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