Kings Gameday: Cancel Everything

"Welcome to Coors Light, New York!" - Andy Marlin

Southern California breaks the NHL

Woohoo! Outdoor hockey! Everyone loves outdoor hockey!

Oops. Maybe only 44,000 people are excited about outdoor hockey in southern California. Or maybe charging $250 for a single ticket isn't a great idea. Ticket prices got lowered, and people that paid the original amount will get a refund. That however completely contradicts the NHL's stance on making a boatload of money off of these games. Good for us though. I'm all for controlling the economics in sports so that rich jerks aren't even richer jerks. Of course though, not everyone sees it this way.

Well you don't HAVE to read the actual article, because 140 characters perfectly gives you all the information you'll ever need. Anyways, moving on...

Neither is having failing franchise in Columbus, but oh well.

And someone is failing basic economics!

What's with all this support for the Blue Jackets? Why don't these people actually go the regular Columbus games? And when has Minnesota or St. Louis won anything? The Avs have barely even been a force since Patrick Roy retired. But let's just ignore those Cups in southern California. Also, real bummer to hear that Chicago cancelled their game apparently.

Okay, this I agree with. It won't happen because MONEY, YOU IDIOTS!!!! MONEY!!!!!!

Yeah! Again-hey, wait. Fuck you!

Or again, you know, it's the obvious problem.

Maybe all those fly over state idiots are right though (they aren't). I think God himself [makes sign of the cross] is going to voice his displeasure with an outdoor game in southern California. Starting with:

Water turning to blood



A plague of frogs


The plague of pests

Pretty sure Dustin Brown has had this in effect ever since he arrived in L.A.

Lots of boils

Two huge looking boils already.


Lice and fleas

If Daniel Carcillo forgets to use his doctos prescribed shampoo there is a pretty high chance this happens


Dammit Carcillo! Just take a shower!


Uh, there was that time the lights wouldn't turn on at Anaheim for the third period?


Yeah right, not happening. Not even God can give California shitty weather. Get outta here.

Death of the first line

This would be pretty devastating. Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, along with Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter. Dwight King would find a way to survive. Probably by scaring Death away.

Let's not talk about last game, or this game coming up.

Prediction: Ugh.

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