Ducks Gameday: St Louis Attempts to Defend Itself Against Claims of Antisemitism

Jeff Gross

And it doesn't work out very well for them. Ducks @ Blues

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As long time readers of Battle of California are aware, everyone in St. Louis is a hateful antisemitie. Megalodon figured this out back in April of 2012, and since then it has been an on-going theme on Battle of California, most recently mentioned in Dunn's Kings Gameday post for their match against the Blues last week. But that is just one of many examples of how we've brought it up here at BoC.

This latest mention made a Blues fan so upset that he signed up for SBNation and joined Battle of California just to try to explain to Dunn how St Louis can't be antisemitic because some of his best friends are Jewish:

You are an idiot. St. Louis has 60,000+ Jews. It has always been one of the great centers for Jewish culture in the interior US.

Happy Hanukkah, dipshit.

It made me laugh pretty hard, so I decided to go back through Battle of California comments history and see how other Blues fans have tried to convince us that they're not full of hate.

Such as this Blues fan getting mid-evil on Meg's ass, and coining a BoC slogan in the process:


is the fans equivalent of crosby pushing away a glove. Sophomoric and indefensible. Trying to transfer anti-Semitism onto a city and a team based on some mid-evil footnote, is about as intellectual as, "I don’t like anybody on their team, so I act like a head-dropped toddler."

Or how about this one who tried to explain that if he doesn't get a joke, it must not be funny:

Jokes are supposed to include humor, right?

Is the jew thing actually funny? even to a sharks fan in the midst of the hate? When this all got started was anyone like, "OMG, that is hilarious!"

But he then goes on to post a comment disparaging Jews, (you know, as a real example of "joke," I guess), and confirms what Meg has been saying all along:

It's well known

That Jews are incorrigible rapists and perverts. Why else might we hate them so much?!

C’mon, connect the dots, stop sniffing silicon.

Or how about this Blues fan who tried to...

Wait, what's that?

Oh, these are the only three people who have ever tried to defend St Louis against claims of antisemitism? Just three?

And one of them hates Jews?


Not very convincing, Blues fans. I guess this confirms just how hateful St Louis really is.

Gameday Prediction

Ducks win 4-2 when half of the Blues lineup is arrested prior to game start on charges of hate crimes.

Classic Moment

To help commemorate the Ducks' 20th year this season, each gameday I'll be posting a clip of a classic moment from the team's history against that night's opponent. Here is today's...

Anaheim Ducks vs. St. Louis Blues - 2 Fights (1-16-07)

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