things for a ducks fan to do while ducks take a break from being awesome

we all know you come to me when you have problems and dilemmas...I am the man with the master plan....a Latin Buddha who dispenses wisdom from his shaft of knowledge

we don't play till Sunday...that gives you plenty time to do something useful for mankind you could:

find a cure for cancer!

koivu would be so stoked....but then when you don't find it you can say "I found a cure for cancer but I lost it"..but seriously you got 5 fucking days get to it

be a pizza connoisseur!

so today you might eat at pizza hut...then dominos the next day...papa johns...little cesars...oggis....then you too can grow pirate mustache wear a green guiness shirt and double pistol and get excited when your pizza comes...cuz shit you are a pizza aficianto!*

(round table is the best franchise pizza place btw..fuck you papa john bitches)

have sexual relations with a different race every nite!

Asian persuasion Tuesday...jungle fever Latina Thursday...Persian perversion crotch Saturday

take a balloon ride to Acapulco!

the guy at my work totally owns one...if you don't mind him feeling you up a little...and don't worry they totally caught those guys that raped those you're safe...**

learn finnish!

when I looked up finland this came up...i guess this is what they do over there

you could talk to teemu and kovui...and impress sleza she might even let you shake her hand or even sauna with you!

spend time with your kids!

hahaha just kidding

become a NHl linesmen:

and the class might not even be 5 days long! See avs-preds game from yesterday

drink yourself into a stupor!

yea this will be me...spade so no have no hockey...sniffle

I do have a poker game on Saturday and nascar on Sunday..yea nascar with my honkey friends...anyone know where I can get a mullet? they drink keystone no joke

couple ducks thoughts:

-oh're regressing back to bad sbisa...come back good sbisa

-hiiiiillllller!!! welcome back you looked great..

-who the hell starts the first of the back to back?...does fasth deserve the first game on Monday against the avs? or u save him for the kings on Monday hmmmmm....interesting delmia

-love the 4th line and the fact BB isnt afraid to use them

-are the twins getting hot?...if they out (talking about getzlaf and perry and not your balls)


*that guy rocks..when i was at Bj's on friday..I totally shot up my pizza like that guys did when they brought it..also drank a lot of tatankas...fucking best stout around no joke

**the mexican governemt im sure just rounded up five random guys...i wouldnt go anywhere near alcapulco

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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