spade on the jumbotron a journal in debauchery

friday march 8th

6:20am las vegas

wake up as usual in the nude...admire myself in the mirror scratch my ass take out buttplug get ready for work

7am-10:30 work

waste time on BOC order machaca burrito with frejolies do 30 mins worth of work..scratch ass again

10:30-6pm whittier, ca

get to grandmas grab a couple cold ones...await for king of ptown to get home from work so we can roll....laugh at brother cuz the kings lost the nite previously...tell him "time to go watch a real team win" brother says "go flames" I laugh fills up huge thermos with rum and coke...take off to honda center...we listen to soundgarden and janes addiction and hear we know kid-ish is laughing somewhere...

7:30 honda center

game time 1st period

ducks come out sluggish yet winnik remembers how to score again and pots one...we spot tu madre down in the 200's section and i think to myself whos dick did he suck to get those?...drinking some rum and cokes

1st intermisson

I go to meet up with tu madre for a drink...and someone grabs my ass.(at the time i thought it was love handles..i was so drunk i didnt know it was in fact my ass) I cant say who cuz i dont know if I have her approval but she was quite lovely...shes a bocer thats all ill say....i then meet up with tu madre down at his rich people seats and we down a mix of sailor jerrys and jack...


that's $30 of alcohol right there folks

2nd period

my brother sees the interviewer jumbotron dude scoping for victims..I guess to fill a required minority quota..they ask him if he wants to answer a trivia bro like a boss says no ask my brother he knows all about the ducks...he asks me..and asks to make sure im a ducks wearing a zipped up hoodie with my free ducks shirt underneath..i unzip and like superman or spider man pull apart and reveal my sculpted chest with the ducks shirt over it...

i go stand in the tunnel entrance...they start setting up the camera and position us...its me and guy whos all decked out head to toe in ducks gear...and he says well start after the next tv timeout...he asks my name and what city im from..I kinda froze and said Spade from hindsight should have said spade from BOC or even vegas...then he starts saying something else and bobby ryan scores..i ignore him and lean forward underhand fistpump like im pulling off a bulls testicles...the "superfan" doesnt move a muscle

i tell the interviewer.."sorry ducks just scored" hes all "that ok" then he tells me...all right u win if the dude gets it like what?...i dont get a chance to answer a just a brown face propped how the republican party does it....but whatever..ill stand there..

so the moment is upon...and they announce our names...I promptly did a nelly type rap dance when they called me....they announce the question and i can barley hear the question..something about a shutout streak or winning streak for goalies for the popped in my head that the answer was martin when the dude guessed steve shields..i shook my head laughing..."haha this superfan got it so winning whatever it is im suppose to win(fuck if i knew what i was drunk...handjob by corey perry perhaps?)"...well he got it right...though i suspect it was i lost..the interviewer...demanded a fist bump from me and told me he loved my name..i suspecting he wanted to have sex with me


end of game to end of night

ducks win...fasth was amazing...and we drive home to whittier and have a couple more..i was too drunk to take off my clothes and sleep nude..

the end

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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