you say regress I say progress: Ducks-Hawks recap



[v. ri-gres; n. ree-gres] Show IPA
verb (used without object) move backward; go back. revert to an earlier or less advanced state or form.
3.the act of going back; return.
4.the right to go back.
5.backward movement or course; retrogression.

6.a term used by dickless hockey stats nerds to explain when teams lose

[n. prog-res, -ruhs or, esp. British, proh-gres; v. pruh-gres] Show IPA
1.a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage: the progress of a student toward a degree.
2.developmental activity in science, technology, etc., especially with reference to the commercial opportunities created thereby or to the promotion of the material well-being of the public through the goods, techniques, or facilities created.
3.advancement in general.
4.growth or development; continuous improvement: He shows progress in his muscular coordination.
5.the development of an individual or society in a direction considered more beneficial than and superior to the previous level.

6.when you get past dry-humping and she takes off her pants.

Ill use bullet points for some bullet thoughts:

  • First off if your a ducks hater go fuck yourself
  • if your a transplant hawks fan thank you for the money and haha you had to live in chicago once enjoy being a hypocrite piece of shit and keep giving us money we need to pay corey perry and getzlaf for 8 years
  • if your a bandwagon hawks fan well then you already fuck yourself cuz your a horrible human being..
  • souray has made some bad plays lately...2 foul-ups led to goals..once in the sharks game and last nite allowing jonathan TAVES to get a smarter souray por favor
  • although selanne scored with getzlaf (lets hope the ketchup bottle is opened now) when palmeri was put back on the top line it was awesome...he belongs there...
  • holland good job...after i called u go score a goal in the last two dude your so underwhelming!...also he actually won face-offs!
  • 7 out of 8 points without the $69mil man...well take that and run with it
  • speaking of 69......
  • Mr. whiner media jerking off Kane was a -4....he tried to draw a call in pathetic fashion...Kane you not see cogs lose some teeth with an uncalled high stick..(cogs looked like a vampire who just fed) act job wasnt gonna get any play his credit he owned it he should he was on the ice for all 4 ducks goals
  • that sound you heard was Rudy kellys head exploding when Cam fowler was named 2nd star
  • we rock end of story

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