Week 9: El burrito de la victoria

I'm not a college basketball fan, because I'm not a basketball fan. I don't hate basketball, but I just don't care about it, probably because I'm bigoted against sleeveless shirt enthusiasts. My sports are hockey, first and always, then baseball. But I'll sometimes watch a college basketball game during March Madness, and in the early rounds, where upsets actually happen, you'll see this phenomenon that King Kaufman pointed out:

Why do people chant "Over-rated!" when their team beats a favorite? It's like chanting "Our achievement is not as great as it seems!"

It sounds like a good idea to troll the other team with "Overrated!" but it diminishes your own accomplishment. I've compiled some other instances of the same phenomenon:

What people say What they actually mean
"You're so great. All my exes are bastards/bitches." "I'm dating you, and I've got terrible taste."
"Our fiercest rival college is incredibly easy to get into, and the student body entirely made up of imbeciles!" "I have a heated rivalry with incompetent idiots, and it shouldn't be that difficult to be better than them, but here we are."
"This Baby on Board sticker will keep me and my child safe from car accidents!" "I don't understand how car accidents work."
"I just want to thank God for allowing me to make 5 catches for 96 yards in the Super Bowl, evidence of his special plan for me." "I believe in and dedicate my life to a supreme being who intervenes in the most trivial shit imaginable while allowing Syrian death squads to exterminate entire villages. I also had nothing to do with my performance."
"Librarians do it by the book!" "I have no idea how to flirt."
"Californians are idiots for living in such an expensive place." "I don't like places with jobs and high wages and good weather and desirable living conditions."

Overrated: the week's highest rated comment

Meg defend himself from the satchel bigots with a blistering counter-attack:

> 3.anything resembling a purse in appearance, use, etc.
Oh, then I guess your mom is a purse, because people are always stuffing shit inside her.

Underrated: the best of the rest

Thyme just nails this one.

> chance with this girl(no way in a million years)
You could get lucky and look like her dad…

Honorable mentions to:

stufflife perfectly captures Kirby's facial expression:

I think he watched a kid in the front row drop his ice cream on the ground and throw it away.

langluy defends Col. Klinkhammer:

hey fuck you, Rob Klinkhammer’s name is the only good thing about the Coyotes

JesseKnutsen rushes in where Angels fear to tread with this rousing defense of wanting to fuck cartoon ponies:

Why Twilight Sparkle though?
She’s okay, but Rainbow Dash is by far the sexiest pony. Admittedly, my wife is a former athlete so I prefer the athletic and tomboyish types. And boy, is Rainbow Dash the baddest ass athlete in Ponyville. I love a woman that can run, and holy shit she can fly too. So you could totally have one of those superman/lois lane type dates where she flies you up into the sky, but you know, the man is the one who is carried. And the rainbow colored hair is truly astonishingly beautiful. There is a chance she is a lesbian though, maybe that is why he settled for Twilight Sparkle. And I mean that not in an anti-gay way, but in a she should be able to choose whichever partner she desires way and if she doesn’t like men then good for her.

Poorly rated: the worst comment

Jesus, slo, did you have to post a gigantic picture of Steve Ott dressed in a full pink bunny outfit?

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