Week 10: El burrito de la victoria

There was a bodega in Santa Cruz called the Mission Bay Market named for the intersection where it was located. Bay St. and Mission St. are two of the major surface streets in the town. Bay St. leads up to UC Santa Cruz. Mission St. is Highway 1. Despite this busy corner, I never saw anybody going into the store. Ever. The door was open, but you couldn't really see much inside, as the windows had faded ads for beer and snacks covering them. It gave a creepy vibe, and I avoided it, as did everyone else I talked to.

My housemate at the time, Jake--brother in hockey love, Kings fan, and maybe the only guy that misses Aki Berg--came home one day and said he had been inside Mission Bay Market, and it was incredible. He was clearly shocked. Inside is aisle after aisle of strange, old food. Not fresh food. Bottles of liquid saccharine. Chocolate chip cookie mix from decades ago. The wine aisle was full of bizarre ghetto wine he'd never heard of, and bottles of ancient Thunderbird with the price marked in grease pencil: $0.69. He bought a bottle of it, and that was the price he paid at the register.

In the bottle, the Thunderbird was viscous, swirling around. He poured out some in a glass and it smelled like fermented apple juice. He took a small sip, and said, "This is really nasty. I don't know if I can drink it." "Try some ice," I suggested. He added some to the glass, and again took a tiny sip. "It helps, but this is disgusting." I reminded him that this was a fine, aged, wine, and he really should take a regular sip. Fortunately I had my camera nearby. This is what it looked like. Before:

And after:

Afterward, I tried to drink it, and probably looked exactly like that. I have no idea what fresh Thunderbird from, say, 1968 tasted like, but the intervening years sitting on a shelf in the strangest bodega in the world hadn't helped. It was sort of a challenge we'd present to people who came by: try to drink two fingers of Thunderbird. We went back periodically to just look at all the cake mix boxes without barcodes and port wine gift boxes in garish 1970s pastels. Maybe a future post will talk about our experiments making processed food older than us.

Thunderbird: the highest rated comment

This is the highest rated comment we've ever had, by far. Zeroindulgence laments the passing of a Round Table Pizza promotion:

The Sharks' worst trade
Was clearly swapping "4 in the net, pizza you get" for "here’s some shitty Jack in the Box tacos, jackholes."

Wonderbird: the best of the rest

Get a load of JJ, busting out with this incredible reference to former Sharks 7th defenseman Alexei Semenov:

I always wondered how you got semenov
I just figured you machine-washed in cold water.

Honorable mentions go to:

Bezzerker responds to Jer's comment that both he and Meg put butts on their new jersey designs:

Yeah but why did you put yours on the back of the Sharks jerseys?

Hey, it's a rare RudyReply! He speculates about Perron's penchant for running right into Thornton with his head:

Just think of all the concussions Perron would have gotten if he was around Thornton all the time, though.

Mako lands a mean counter-punch to Meg's bragging about his burrito awards:

Your purse must be getting pretty full by now.

Chunderbird: the worst comment

It was kind of hard to find a worst comment this week, which is good! So don't take this personally, Deb, but you basically proved the theory that comments correcting someone's grammar usually themselves contain grammatical errors or incorrect application of grammar rules.

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