Lots of Crying

What the outdoor game will look like - Jeff Golden

The inevitable shit storm hits

Hey, remember that time I pointed out there was going to be some pissed off people because Los Angeles was going to be getting an outdoor game possibly? Well, it turns out that the Kings and Ducks will in fact be playing a game next season at Dodger Stadium as previously rumored. But more importantly, those pissed off people really came through as expected.

Jack is not a happy camper because...well, he just doesn't like the idea. Poor Jack.

I specifically said Minnesota was going to be really annoyed. And to that I say, "Hahaha, fuck you."

I wonder if Minnesota asks themselves this regarding the Stanley Cup also.

Then there was about 5,000 complaints of the weather being too hot. I'll keep this brief and just point out a cool evening in L.A., specifically in January, gets to be about the same temperature as the interior of a hockey arena.


So how do you explain every other outdoor game's ice being absolute shit? Or the ice at the Honda Pond?

Do people just ignore the technology that makes this event work? Do they not realize that they just don't throw a hose down in Boston or Chicago or wherever and hope it freezes?

DO ANY OF YOU EVEN HAVE THE INTERNET? LOOK THIS SHIT UP. This just sounds like people are trying to defend their shitty weather where they live.


Yeah, since the Winter Classic is such a pond hockey experience with lights, refs, huge crowds, boards, and ice that takes a month to set up. And it's not like anyone in southern California plays hockey.

The first part of this tweet I actually agree with. The whole outdoor thing is an obvious cash grab. The last part though is fucking idiotic. "Catering to hockey markets"? Why the fuck would the NHL want to do that? And L.A.? The second biggest market in the U.S. and two teams that won Stanley Cups don't deserve shit. Fair enough.

You know what? Screw this. You're right, ignorant flyover states. The ice is going to melt, the Kings and Ducks will play roller hockey, and no one will be at this game. In fact, it will be so hot out, the teams just decide to play basketball against each other instead, while they eat snow-cones on the bench. The NHL will lose so much money with this endeavor they will be forced to contract the league, specifically in the Minnesota and Colorado markets. There will also be a lockout to make sure L.A. always gets an outdoor game every year, at the cost of another franchise. Or

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