more changes for spade and ducks thoughts

first off congrats to all the cali teams in making the playoffs...theres a good chance one of the teams is gonna fall flat on their erect dicks and everyone expects that team to be the ducks..we ducks fans are used to people underestimating so blow me...

they will point to the mini 2 game sweep by the wings and hang there scrotum on that...but the ducks coasted IMO and will put forth a good effort on tues. Will they win the series? hard to say cuz the wings are a quality team...but we eeek it by angies protruding nipple in 7 games

now I do have some news although I gave it away already..

I got a new job....IN PALMDALE...which means Ill be moving from vegas to palmdale...

ok ok....enough laughing...fine...keep laughing...just tell me when your done

outside of chronic tacos, crazy autos and this crazy gift store that sells fair food and nazi memorbilia called charlie browns...its kinda victorhell all over again...


after toobin on lake mead yesterday


keeping my locs on like a boss..

...getting plowed on fremont and getting cheap fills on friday (50 cent beers!)

...a 30 food truck bonaza at the silverton on saturday


they called it the gangsta cheese melt for some reason had mac n cheese in it..brisket and something else..they had sushi burritos and some other cool shit fusion food whatever that means other good times in vegas..meeting lesbians...crooked hot bartenders..

arepas from heaven


near the stratosphere tell em spade sent ya

...betting on sports...most shit open 24 on every corner....bands playing every nite...

cigar bars


the havana house was a favorite

..visiting every irish, english and german pub/resturant in town...have to wonder why id ever leave such an awesome place...for the desert shithole that is palmdale

well besides leaving a place that has grown me fatter and fucked up my liver and wallet...good reasons in itself..the job is well better...its a pretty big promotion that i just couldnt pass up....

I had a blast though living it up like I only could and Ill miss it...tear....and ill only be 3 hrs away but now knowing all the joints to hit up....Ill have 2 weeks off between jobs so hopefully the ducks for that sake of that at least get past the first round in the meanwhile ill be home all day to watch all hockey all day on this mini-vacation..I also plan to go to watch parties if I can so my fee to attend your stikin party is...well just beer and 2 min fluff job

go ducks and go california....Im coming back ..well if you count palmdale as california cuz well it doesnt feel very cali...but whatever the city is not cali's best effort.


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