Week 11: El burrito de la victoria

Work deadlines and New Orleans mini-vacation looms. Here are some thoughts.

  • Terrible mustaches and bad male haircuts are preserved in movies and television shows set in the past, but nobody has the courage to recreate shitty female haircuts or ugly eyeglasses.
  • I disappointed my son this morning when I couldn't immediately cut out shapes with him 2 seconds after I woke up.
  • The way they're just scrambling cuss words in movies airing on television now makes it seem like the characters suddenly and briefly talk like The Little Man From Another Place for emphasis.
  • I don't know anything about the Swedish House Mafia other than they're like the mob, but instead of racketeering and murder they make bullshit paint-by-numbers dance music. But that stupid song is infinitely more funny if the lyrics become: "Don't you worry don't you worry child. Kevin's got a plan for you."

Just like Kevin: the highest rated comment

PGI stops by to get offended:

THE "WRITER" SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF MAKING FUN OF WHITE PEOPLE MAKING SILLY FACES WHILE CELEBRATING! OBVIOUSLY HE US EITHER A BLACK PERSON, A SELF-HATING WHITE PERSON, A FAT SHUT IN BLOGGER OR ALL THREE. YOU SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!! IF THIS WAS ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE SOMETHING SOMETHING RACE! (Now, does anyone know any other sites, message boards, newsgroups, or chat rooms that have anything I can be outraged about? I have all afternoon free. I can get up some fake rage about anything. K thx)

Kevinly: the best of the rest

DMcD continues to tear this country apart with his racist GIFs:

Honorable mentions to:

Mako commenting on Doug Wilson's OCD:

Someone should send that show "Hoarders" to Doug Wilson’s house. He’s probably got center-icemen stacked to the ceiling in there.

Dunn reminds us that advanced stats give us insight into almost every aspect of Alex Martinez's game:

his queso rating is through the roof.

GhostOfLinkGaetz drops by for some dadaist trade deadline trolling.


Kevin Help Us: the worst comment

NoCupsForHosers ambushed JohnQPhats fanpost, "Biggest Assholes in the NHL" by showing everyone how it's done.

Yall forgot that prick Thornton
And Pronger eternally belongs at the top of this list. He’s in the asshole hall of fame right next to Ty Cobb. And how could you leave out Zdeno Chara. Did everyone forget already that he intentionally broke a guys neck? He belongs in fucking prison. And while were on the subject toss in Colin Campbell for laughing off that horrific attack and not even considering a suspension because his no talent bitch of a son plays for the Bruins. Also, I don’t much care for Drew Doughty, but he ain’t no rapist. A guy who just won the stanley cup isn’t having any trouble with the ladies, and that whore’s story held about as much water as her loose mangled flaps. And as for Corey Perry, he only runs whiney little bitch goalies. Which is all of them, but Niemi especially. You Northern Californian bedwetters are just jealous because the Ducks top line is better than your whole team, or whats left of it. Oh, and BTW sharks fans, your GM isn’t referring to the Sharks fire sale as re-building because your shitty organization has never had more structure than a cardboard box in a third world shanty town. It’s just building, or more accurately, polishing a turd. and lastly, add Turd Macllellan to the list for simply looking like a bitter little bitch. Got a response? Go ahead. Count the cups. Teemu Forever.

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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