Los Angeles Kings Gameday: AHHH FREAK OUT!

Jonathan Quick faces a deflected shot by a large rodent - Thearon W. Henderson

A short list of Jonathan Quick freaking out about shit

I for one was not surprised about Jonathan Quick letting loose a tirade directed at the refs. While some of the calls at the end of the game were pretty iffy (shades of game two, anyone?) the real reason for Quick blowing a gasket was the difficulty he was having that game. Yeah, he played out of his mind and only allowed two goals, but he also suffered the loss. And while it is far from being the end of the world, nor the end of the series, the rest of the Kings weren't exactly playing great hockey. Having been in that situation (as close as high school hockey playoffs and state tournaments go when comparing to the NHL playoffs), I've let the refs have it, but more of my anger is thrown at my teammates. Mostly because they looked like shit, and seriously Justin, you just fucking stood there and let number 83 blow right past you. FUCKING ATTEMPT A POKE CHECK OR SOMETHING YOU FAT FUCK.


Long story short, frustration was the name of the game for the third contest between the Kings and Sharks for Quick, who had a god awful performance put on in front of him, and yet he somehow kept things interesting. So while I can sympathize with Quick, going after the refs isn't going to accomplish anything. But this isn't the first time Quick has had a spat of out of control anger.

Waiting at Soup Plantation


I don't think he heard about the salmonella outbreaks there. He was asked to leave, but not before he up-ended the salad bar.

Stuck in traffic


I'd like to think Quick wears his goalie equipment everywhere.

Out of Pabst


Looks like he'll just have to do some blow with Mike Richards instead.

Playing "Tom Sawyer" on Rock Band AGAIN


Rush sucks.

They cancelled Go On

Oh Dan Moriarty, you're the best. This really had nothing to do with this post, but I just really love this clip.

Next Game

Not my best effort, but I'm not feeling great after tearing my larynx screaming at the Kings during game three. It's very ironic that the Kings, who were top performers in the regular season with advanced stats, has had their possession and scoring chance numbers plummet in the playoffs. Yet somehow they still made the second round and even won two games in this series despite this. Meanwhile the Ducks (remember them?) were awful in the regular season with advanced numbers, improved upon them in the playoffs, and then lost in seven games in the first round. Go figure.

Los Angeles is going to need to finally wake the hell up at some point. Bad games have hit them occasionally this year, but here in the playoffs it seems like that's been the norm with them. They may have stolen game two, but stealing two out of four is not a scenario I'd like to be in. So if they could just give Jeff Carter, and Richards, and Dustin Brown, and Anze Kopitar some coffee or whatever, that would be awesome. Thanks.

Prediction: The Kings show up in the third, but are already down by three at that point and lose 3-2.

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