Los Angeles Kings Gameday: God Bless America

Fuck this guy - Bruce Bennett


About a week ago, an interesting post came out detailing certain spending by NHL franchise owners. That spending was in regards to political donations. Now it should be to the surprise of no one that the vast majority of owners, and those with at least stakes in a team gave a lot more to the Grand Old Party. Owners have had a tendency to be older, whiter, and own a penis (and occasionally balls), which is the Republicans main demographic. So again, it wasn't shocking at all that the owners gave a few million bucks to the GOP during the last election (which also coincided perfectly with the last lockout, those greedy fucks).

To be sure, there is a large amount of connections that can be made between owners and political candidates, and the whole slew of ethical questions of the rich spending their wealth in the political arena to guarantee they keep being rich and loved. But this isn't a sociology college paper I wrote a few years ago. No, this is focused on the biggest spender on politicians, that of the St. Louis Blues' ownership group. The Blues ownership "donated" the most money of any organization in the NHL to politicians and political parties. They gave $674,518 ($18 randomly thrown in? Way to contribute John Danforth!) to the clusterfuck that is American democracy. You know, the democracy where rich assholes pave the way for certain other assholes to attain power.

Here's where shit gets kind of weird though. The Blues ownership gave around $376,000 to Republicans. The other big-ass chunk of money went to the Democrats and their party's chumps. Yes, the Blues led spending for both the red and the blue parties. It was explained in the post that St. Louis' ownership is actually made up of 16 people, so a few went one way, and few the opposite. The bigger problem is that they are indecisive fucks who gave money to whomever. As long as they didn't play hockey or work for them, of course. I guess it works well for the mindset of, "Whoever wins, they will remember we helped them", but you know who else did that? Switzerland.

St. Louis is no better than Switzerland with the Nazis. That's a fact now. Science. Have fun loving Hitler, St. Louis! I guess we shouldn't be surprised, what with the real Saint Louis being an anti-Semitic stinky cheese humper that you decided to name your city after.

Again, I'm sure their are larger issues to be had of this. Like why exactly is an ownership group that is "struggling" for money to keep their franchise afloat, so much so they join with others to force a work stoppage, hurting thousands financially, (Columbus, Nashville, Tampa Bay, Florida, Washington, Carolina, and MINNESOTA also donated for political spending during the midst of the "not making enough to survive" lockout) but spending that much money on political donations during said labor stoppage. It is hilarious to see the amount of these owners that spent money on Tim Pawlenty. Tim Pawlenty! Who was number two in spending you ask? The Kings.

21 year old me is enraged and typing up an "A" worthy sports and society term paper as we speak. Expect it never.

The Kings won despite only scoring one goal again. This is of course due to Alec Martinez and him alone. Okay, fine, I guess Jonathan Quick played pretty good also. Still, it would be nice to light up Elliott again like in the good old days. This could be done if the power play doesn't suck on big fat assholes. Holy fuck-nads, what a travesty that was last game.

Prediction: Alec Martinez scores on his own goal and the Kings lose. Robyn Regehr scores for the Kings.

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