ducks thoughts heading into the playoffs and boobs

first off...boobs....lets get serious for a moment:


see ducks.."passion" should be your playoff motto"

2nd off ...fuck... meg hardie har har we got your banner


credit sleekus-maximus-prius-chorus

ok with that out of the way...I haven't participated much around here as I used to. I actually have a job where I have to work almost the full 9hrs...I have kids...and a big weenie...and...twitter is easier..and all I have time for...but im off I gots me some el-timeo..though i wont bother to spell check or look it see if it makes sense..just pretends its a code u need to break or something

my perspective is always i dont have the fuckin time to study things as closely as my brossam kidish or anyone if Im off by a number here or there..get over it and stick your dick or labia in traffic

everyone is betting on us to get bounced the 1st round of the playoffs...we louis is whom they jerk off about...dont know how..have u seen them latley?

there are legitimate concerns..they are:



i hope that's not what i think it is hiller

  • who the fuck is going to be our playoff goaltender? i saw some playoffs highlights from last year...and they made me cringe...our defense was bad no doubt...but oye hiller..
  • and man hiller being sat down the last couple games....u get the feeling hiller is a sbisa type emotional guy...whos play depends on his confidence? look at him on the bench..
  • but then do really start a rookie like anderson..or shit gibson even?...not much choice really...the steadyness of mcfirecrotch anderson wins in my least if he gets lit up one game...hell get over appears anyways
  • but we all know the history on rookie goaltenders in the playoffs...but fuck...why not be the first one? a leader ducks!!! the first man who said "boobs"....what a pioneer
Dallas stars or speed teams:

Gar was an awesome character on the movie MASK...this fucker tarnishes that

  • ive mentioned in my award winning twitter not all that thrilled with the prospect of playing the stars...everytime i think of that shitball team this year..i think of us getting garbutt flying by our defense
  • if we draw the stars...Allen whom i really found of...needs to sit..and frankie...should play less minutes...mostly PK time and against thier slower players...the wings were also a quicker team last year...the jets this year...remember wheeler wheeling all over the place? how bout Hall from the oilers..
  • ducks are built more to take on our big cali brothers...but do have the depth and can make the lineup changes to match a speed no frankie allen pairing for gods sakes..ive seen it and almost stomped a kitten in disgust and disbelief.
lack of secondary scoring:


ducks have no problem like this guy in the middle...(i tried to find a better PG version..this is all i could find)
  • i think i ready we are currently first on 5 on 5 scoring right now...if we arent...were second. this shouldnt be an issue...we constantly get offense from somewhere different each nite....every line can score...and last years playoffs also showed that...scoring isnt the issue...
  • i hope BB keeps maroon-teemu-perruealt together...i think that line is going to turn it up a notch...teemu should be giving it his all...knowing hes got increased ice time and chemistry...and thank gawd as we all know he hasnt had any with any line all season
  • then u got the trusty 3rd line winnik-cogs-koiuvu...silverfburg sometimes
  • and then playoff hero palmeri on the 4th with trusty timely goal producer bones on the guessing silverberg and jackman will be interchangeable....i wouldn't just assume jackman wont see time
  • then of course the top line with hound of belesky on top...u got to like the chemistry all around....a little luck though that it all came together...
  • of course the lines can be shuffled when we start struggling..but thats ok...the guys are so used to actually helps boost the team at move by kirby to consistently shuffle stuff up from the beginning

special teams:

  • i read on an article on the wild blog...that was writing about us in case we played them...and it coincides with what my eyeballs tell me....the ducks are just fuckin unlucky on the PP...we generate alot of shots...we move the puck around....just a lot of shit just doesn't go in...the fwd just doesn't get to the rebound in favorite the shot sails inches over the cross bar...or it gets blocked...adding maroon to the top unit has helped a lot in my opinion...him blocking out the sun...and robidas as i the only one notices stephan..doesnt dick around when he gets the puck..he quickly gets the puck on net and through la chris pronger of yester year...its produced juicy rebounds as the goaltender doesn't have time react.....young ducks players....please watch and learn
  • I for one think our PP will be fine...just need to enter the zone better..get back control
  • PK im not sure were we are...but i do know winnik and cogs are fuckin monsters on it....and fowler being back only strengthens it....and should eliminate the need to ever put sbisa on it....I for one think PK is where Allen shines...and moves motherfuckers out of the way

spade runs out of alcohol:


also the look on Meg when prices on murses or a cat dies

this is most worrisome of concerns...what if your lord and savior doesnt plan right....doesn't buyup enough makers mark....enough beer...what if he goes to a game and cant afford $10 beer?....who will help?

I plan to attend a game and hopefully watch a couple with some of you fine pretty excited about our team this year...and at least..i want to watch us play the kings in the 2nd no doubt theyll surely crush the evil sharks and meg will cry into his murse....


oh yea im sure your thinking id leave you hanging without boobs...come on now


This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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